If you are a student reading this article, it doesn’t matter if you are a fulltime or part-time student. What matters is that sometime in the past or presently or maybe sometime in the future you will use certain services for learning to aid your school activities. According to several online reviews, scholars need online aids very often. Interestingly, papersowl reviews show that most scholars always need advisory services, tutoring services, and other aids during weekends, at night, or on public holidays. With more students adopting a work- school lifestyle, it is expected that the number of scholars using online aids will rise.

What are online student services?

online learning platform

Online services are aids designed to support scholars learning over the internet. Scholars who are offering online courses are always in need of these aids because of several reasons. These reasons are 24-hour access to courses, materials, and tools for learning. Scholars also need aids such as cloud backup services to ensure that their vital information’s are saved. The best of these aids are compatible with all devices regardless of the operating system.

Online services are also called Open educational resources, which means that they are digital assets that are available to the student who wants to revise, review, and remix the information on these mediums. There are many of these student aids available over the internet, and they include Cousera, Alison, knowledge net, Course by text and many others.

We have selected the top five online services that you as a student can use. They are fun; they are easy to use; some are free to use while some will require a paid subscription to enjoy premium services. Check them out, and you will be glad you did.

Atrixwave E-Learning Solutions Blog

If you are a student, it means you will make use of this service more than once every semester. The number of times used is likely to increase depending on the Course you are studying.

This online service designed by Atrixwave is an online learning management system that is perfect for helping the student design brilliant presentations at the snap of the fingers. 

With this system, you can create, edit, and deliver well-prepared presentation whenever the need arises.

This online service requires that a student be connected to the internet, and it contains valuable resources and tips that can assist the user in creating a presentation that is clear and visually appealing.

One of the standout qualities of this online service is the blog. This blog contains vital information on other learning tools and much more.


Coursera is often the go-to for many scholars. It is perhaps one of the most used and most valuable learning aids available over the internet. With Coursera, the student can find and study over a thousand free courses over the internet. These courses are provided by reputable universities from all corners of the world.

There is no limit to the number of courses that the interested student can study using Coursera from arts to business and from crafts to computer science. There are courses on design, marketing, mathematics, and several fields of biology. Students that use Cousera will have access to a pool of information for their school projects, and they can also expand their knowledge on the specific subject of their choice. Interestingly Coursera can be used by scholars, members of staff, and other individuals who are not of the student community. 

E-Learning Center 


It must be stated that online services are not exclusively for learning, but only a few of the online services that students use in 2019 are learning-based and easy to use as this one. This website is for scholars or individuals who are studying or looking for information about web development and other ICT related fields.

Users can access this online service every hour of the day and every day of the week and enjoy the free resources that abound on the website. Although there are many free resources available, E-Learning Center is better enjoyed with a paid subscription. The user can enjoy unlimited access to videos and interactive sessions with ICT experts and other features. This service is easy to use, and it is compatible with all devices, although it functions better on a PC. 

Open Culture 

If you are keen on intellectual development, you will love this online service. Scholars have been using this website for school projects for information gathering and fact-checking. There are several contents that users will see on this website that will be beneficial for the intellectual development of the individual.

As a student, you can get content on different topics from medieval characters and history to contemporary information about contemporary individuals. Scholars or users who want to get information when writing term papers always use this online service frequently.


Modern education creates an allowance for live interaction between teachers and students and between students and students. This is why Blackboard made the list of the top five online services for students. With Blackboard, teachers and scholars can connect, collaborate and conduct classes like the Blackboard used in conventional classroom settings.

This online service is suitable for online classes and distance learning. So the teacher and the student can communicate with each other and learning can go on uninterrupted.


There are other online aids that students can use, such as canvas, ePals, and edX, which are a treasure trove for scholars looking for massive open online courses (MOOCs) to study.

With these online educational aids, students are redefining the way they learn, and teachers are exploring new ways to teach. Its 2019, if you haven’t used any of these services, what are you waiting for?