College years are a vibrant period of life, with so many possibilities and chances for success and so many hurdles to it. Many ambitious and resourceful students try to manage several unrelated activities at once. They study at a course and at the same time build a business startup. Is it a challenge? Sure! Is it impossible? By far not! In this article, we’ll show you how business students can combine studies and launch their first entrepreneurial websites on WordPress hassle-free. 

What to Do With Studies? 

The first point to consider is how to combine studies and entrepreneurship. Every student solves the problem in their way. Some study at night and work on their business projects on weekends. Others delegate homework to academic helpers like writemypaper – and focus on the startup only. At the end of the day, it’s up to you how to find balance. 

The main task is not to burn out and not to find yourself in a nervous breakdown, with no resources to go on with either of your dreams. 

Building a Website 

Creating a website for your startup is a vital aspect of launching a startup in college. Today’s target audience has gone exclusively online, so you need to reach them in the digital world to make your products and services known. So, it’s time to go through the available templates and choose the one that speaks to you.

Now, let’s look through the list of top WP themes business students prefer for their projects. By looking at their features and functionality, you’ll quickly understand why they have become so popular among young entrepreneurs. 

#1 Divi 

What does an average Internet user want from an ideal website? Sure, it’s the speed of page loading and impressive user-friendliness. That’s all present in the Divi theme, which has taken the need to refresh pages from the website design process. Thus, the website visitors can enjoy sleek, attractive design and don’t wait for the website to load. 

All elements of this theme are highly customizable, enabling any student entrepreneur to tweak the design and tabs to their needs in no time. You can easily experiment with styles, fonts, and colors. Space allocation to various sections of the website front-end is flexible, letting you quickly create a unique website record. 

If you plan to launch an e-store, then the use of Divi is a must. Although it’s a ready-made template from WP theme archives open for use, it features impressive security certification, meaning that clients who will make payments through your platform will enjoy the complete security of their funds and banking information. The theme is supported in 32 languages and offers over 46 elements of design, thus giving you endless experimentation opportunities. 

#2 ReHub 

Besides the speed of website loading, student entrepreneurs and website visitors alike cherish flexibility. This feature is the cornerstone of the ReHub theme’s design, which was created to fit all kinds of entrepreneurial purposes. With this theme, you can quickly set up a website that looks and acts exactly as you wanted it to, and the process won’t take long. 

Besides, this theme is perfectly suitable for creating affiliate websites. It contains the features of a blog review, directory sites, and e-commerce options that you can easily incorporate into your project’s functionality. Users can enjoy the SEO optimization toolkit embedded in ReHub to enhance their content visibility and attract more visitors. Overall, it looks modern and is really customizable to all business purposes. 

#3 Astra 

Many student entrepreneurs start their acquaintance with the WP themes with Astra. This is an easy and user-friendly multipurpose WP theme that you can adjust to literally any business project. 

In this way, by getting to grips with Astra’s functionality, you can quickly launch several projects for a try, ranging from e-commerce to blogs to educational resources. They will all look good with the stylish design elements and a broad choice of color combinations and fonts. Besides, the theme features a built-in SEO optimization tool that will suggest improvements to your content so that you rank higher on Google. 

#4 Eduma 

As a student, you might want to launch an educational resource for your fellows. It may be a course where you’ll tutor peers on some subjects or an educational website with insightful blogs. Whatever your idea is, you should use the Eduma WP theme for educational projects. The website built on it will possess impressive scalability and will easily link to LearnPress, Elementor, and WPBakery, which can also be valuable for the advancement of your learning portal. 

#5 OceanWP 

Another multipurpose WP theme that millions of students adore is OceanWP. It contains many features and options for website creators, posing no limits to your creativity and entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Even laypersons can quickly capture the basic features of OceanWP and build their websites without trouble. Besides, this theme offers smooth integration with WooCommerce, making online shop creation a matter of a couple of hours. 

Haven’t Found What You Want? 

If you have scanned through dozens of WP themes and still can’t find an ideal one to use, then it’s time to design your own WP theme (maybe your product is too unique for the existing designs to fit it). Luckily, WordPress is a super user-friendly platform on which any person with mediocre tech skills can create a vibrant theme and appealing design matching their needs and project specifics. 

WP: Student Helper 

As you can see, WordPress is indeed a powerful, flexible platform on which website design takes just a couple of hours from idea to launch. Using the top WP themes with many features, design options, and functions, you can test your startup idea quickly, progressing through business growth without studying performance compromises. Thus, WP is a default platform for student entrepreneurs, with its popularity explained by user-friendly themes and easy customization.

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