What exactly is the meaning of time management? Is it just keeping yourself as busy as possible to ensure that you are always at your most productive? Or is it about doing as many things as you can in one go, or is it working non-stop? The reality is that managing time intelligently enough to get everything done while overburdening oneself necessitates a careful balance. You will find that the most hardworking people aren’t always the best time managers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Time management techniques let you complete things well and in a short amount of time. As a project manager or a business owner, you may be assigned a varied number of tasks with each iteration. You must also plan, monitor, and track your employees’ work. Meetings, estimates, planning, customer and team interaction, and reporting to management are all part of the work. All of this should preferably be completed between the hours of 9 and 5. Or even if you are not a project manager, but you have a business, which means you work 24/7 and have an endless list of things to do in a day.

Due to insufficient preparation and time management, it may be not easy to fit everything within short timescales. That is why we have compiled this list of innovative time management strategies to help you better organize your work and dedicate your attention to everything that demands it.

In general, time management relates to using our time in the best possible way to accomplish our goals or complete tasks. It is not about how quickly you do things, or how many things you can do at one time. It is that perfect blend of quality of work and duration of work. 

Good time management allows you to improve your productivity and performance and we will be discussing some strategies you can apply in your life to achieve that. 

Use Time Management Tools

Speaking about to-do lists, using as many resources as possible to back your viewpoint is one of the most effective methods to manage your time better. There are millions of computer and smartphone apps available to download and use to make your life easier. Even adding just one time management tool to your arsenal may save you hours of work each week.

For example, Toggle Plan’s project management software allows you to create anything from checklists to deadlines. The daily, monthly, and yearly overview tools make it easy to plan and complete projects successfully. You may also utilize connectors and extensions from other programs to improve your overall experience and efficiency. Another great app to track your projects is Notion. But while these apps can be super helpful, if you are a planning freak like me, it is possible that you get a little too lost in the planning. Avoid using too many apps, keep one that suits you the best and work around it. 

Understand you’re not perfect

One of the most challenging things for many people to accept is that they are not perfect. They feel that nothing could go wrong since they have taken every precaution and are prepared for any eventuality. Unfortunately, everyone with this mentality will encounter a severe reality check at some point in their life.

Please take a moment right now to recognize that it’s OK to make mistakes and be flawed. It is okay that you missed a couple of tasks from your to-do list. As much as we need to be ambitious about our goals, we need to learn to have a practical approach towards them. Not every day is going to be the same. Especially when it comes to your mental health, don’t push yourself so much that you undergo a huge amount of stress and lose sleep over it. 

Remember this while you try to improve your time management skills, and keep in mind that even the best-laid plans may go awry. Instead of feeling defeated by these times, these beliefs will provide opportunities for you to develop.

Do not Multitask

Did you know that multitasking can impair your comprehension and overall intelligence by up to 11%? Trying to do many tasks at once can have far-reaching negative repercussions for both you and others around you. And for those who don’t think it’s so bad, try earning 11% less each year than you do today.

Multitasking not only decreases your IQ but also reduces your productivity by 40%. If you consider this statistic for a moment, you’ll see that focusing on one task at a time helps you to do twice as much in a week. Remember that hobbies like listening to calm, relaxing music do not generally constitute multitasking because they may increase productivity when done correctly. Another exception can be listening to a knowledge packed podcast while doing your everyday tasks which you don’t need a lot of brainpower for. 

Determine the time when you are most productive

Do you like to be an early riser, a late-night owl, or anything in between? These kinds of questions may frequently help you find out when you’re most productive during the day, which can help you with your time management strategies.

A person who can jump out of bed wide-eyed and bushy-tailed a minute before their alarm goes off will be able to get more work done in the morning. When a night owl awakens, they may move more slowly and take some time to return to their usual work pattern. Those individuals are typically able to achieve a higher level of output in the afternoon. Determine when you are most alert, attentive, and motivated, regardless of who is on your side. That is when you will concentrate on your important job and finish more of your daily responsibilities.

Use a Timer

As odd as it may sound, using a timer may be one of the most efficient time management techniques available. Setting a timer can help you remember to take breaks, set time limits, and be more productive. Breaks are an essential part of any workday because they allow you to get away from your desk and clear your mind for a few minutes before returning to work.

Another great way to utilize a timer is to set time limits for specific tasks. When you give yourself a time limit to complete a job, you push yourself to reach the deadline, and as a consequence, you wind up doing more work before the time runs out.

And don’t worry, you won’t need one of those dreadful egg timers your grandma used to use while baking. Numerous digital options range from Toggl’s well-known timer to the Pomodoro Technique’s tomato timer.

Split Large Project into pieces

Have you ever looked at a project and wanted to run away because it appeared to be too challenging and time-consuming? You might want to zoom in on the smaller image. Breaking down critical milestones and deadlines into smaller side tasks and objectives is an excellent method for managing your time on a big project.

Because everything is separated, you may return to the earlier time management strategies we mentioned by planning and prioritizing what has to be done when. When you do this, the big picture becomes less scary, and the approaching deadline becomes more doable.

 Learn to say No more often

Have you seen the film “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey? The main storyline of the comedy focuses on a pessimistic banker who promises to say “yes” to everything after attending a positivity seminar. While it provides some entertaining scenes, the protagonist quickly learns that being overly eager to achieve anything may have serious repercussions.

The story’s moral is to avoid becoming a “yes man” or “yes woman”. If you’re regularly overworked or overloaded with responsibilities, you might need to start saying “no” when someone asks you to help them. This can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you. You can better manage your time and enhance the value of your work.

Recharge your batteries

Some would argue that this is the most crucial time management technique for your overall performance and sanity. Many industries worldwide are constantly engaged in battle, confronting the next challenge or addressing the next issue on the agenda. However, amid all the chaos, you should always make time to relax and decompress.

Taking time away from the daily grind to rest your mind and body can help you return to your desk, warehouse, or construction site focused and motivated. Allow yourself time to recharge your mental, physical, and emotional batteries in whichever method suits you best, whether it’s a weekend camping trip or a family beach cruise.

It may be tough to change 12 aspects of yourself right now. But what if you chose three of the strategies above and incorporated them into your everyday routine? Is there a chance it will make a difference? I’m sure it will. See how each of these strategies are helping you, and discard the ones which are not. Say “no” a few times this week, reassess your priorities, or get rid of some of the annoying distractions that are robbing you of productivity. It will be surprising, how big of a difference these minor changes make.

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