The popularity gained by blockchain technologies has been massive over the past couple of years. The primary reason behind the same is that this technology facilitates easy, quick, and efficient transactions between different parties over the internet from any part of the world without bringing a third party person in the middle. 

As per a recent report, the global market will exhibit tremendous growth by 2025. The efficiency of blockchain technology can be enhanced by combining them with other technologies. For example, serval budding companies have deployed cloud computing along with blockchain technology as it acts as a very powerful tool in improving their security and services. However, when it comes to developing blockchain project development, choosing a programming language best suited for their business is one of the most challenging tasks. 

This post will take you through some of the best programming languages that are used to develop blockchain for top crypto exchange.

  1. Solidity 

Solidity is a young programming language, but it is pretty famous and has gained high popularity in the last few years. Similar to other high-level programming languages, solidity is contract-oriented. This means that all the logic applied in the blockchain is preserved in the smart contacts, making them one of the most suitable coding options. Ethereum, sushiswap, and chainlink are a few examples of blockchain projects that rely on solidity. 

Key features –

  • Ideal for beginners as they are user friendly 
  • Statically types programming. 
  • Solidity provides you with on-point accuracy. 

2. Java

Java is another most popular and the best choice for smart contracts. The developers generally opt for this programming language to facilitate numerous game development. Java Is ubiquitous because this language is a part of almost all web systems. The significant advantage of using Java is that a single code can be effortlessly used in a different system. There are over ten million java developers currently available across the world. 

Key features –

  • Java provides extreme support for OOP, short for Object-oriented programming. 
  • It offers a memory cleaning facility for the developers. 
  • There is accessibility to extensive libraries. 

3. Golang 

GoLang was created internally at Google and is a popular multi-threaded programming language. This means that this programming language can manage different programs happening at the same instant at various parts of the blockchain. GoLang is high-speed and impressive maintenance features. This is currently one of the most popular for building the NFT marketplace. 

Key features –

  • This programming language is scalable and easy to use; hence it’s beginner-friendly. 
  • Go is highly flexible and offers high-speed t to its users. 
  • GoLang integrates the significant features of Python, C++, etc., which thereby makes them a dependable and fun programing language. 

All these features put together make Go a perfect choice for developing your decentralized app on networks like Ethereum. Ethereum, Loom network, GoChain, and hyper ledger fabric are the most common blockchain projects using GoLang. 

4. C++

C++ is another top programming language opted for developing blockchain-based apps. Using this code, you can easily manipulate the blocks and chains. This feature makes C++ unique from others and is ideal for those who need complete control over their system function. The primary reason why C++ is crowned as one of the best programming languages out there is due to its flexibility and ease of use. Monero, Ripple, Stellar, and EOS are examples of blockchain projects that use C++ programming language. Bitcoins were coded using C++. 

Key features –

  • C++ offers the finest CPU management along with memory control. 
  • It put forward a choice to shift semantics to copy data easily. 
  • It allows you to code separately for different data structures effectively.

Final Thoughts 

For creating blockchain-based products, there are several programming languages you can choose from. It is quite difficult to point out the best programming language from the ones available as they are equally good. To get the best out of it, make sure you understand their key features are later choosing them considering your project’s requirements. Budget and time are other important factors to consider before making a final decision. 

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