Borrowing money is pretty common in the Philippines. Many people in this country want to take a loan for any reason. When you have a financial goal to fulfill, you may want to consider applying for a personal loan. However, you need to have a good reason why you may want to take a loan. Without having a clear plan to repay the loan, you may have a lot of difficulties in the future. Money will play a crucial role in our lives, so you have to manage your budget smartly. Make sure that your loan purposes are practical, reasonable, necessary, and also urgent, so you can prevent getting any bad debts. Here are some common reasons why you may want to take a loan.


Education will be an important investment, whether you are going to pursue a higher study for your career advancement or for your children’s education for securing their future. While this is a basic need for many Filipinos, many of them cannot afford a good education. If you are pressed for time to pay for the school tuition, you can consider getting a loan for education purposes. Choose the right loan with a low-interest rate and also fixed repayment term.

Medical emergency

It is recommended for you to have health insurance, emergency fund, or your PhilHealth membership for covering your medical expenses. However, you may have some emergency needs during hospitalization. There are some related costs that you have to pay, for example, the post-surgery treatments, medicines, etc. These urgent expenses cannot wait for a long time. A short term loan can be used to help you pay any of these critical and unexpected expenses immediately. You can find more information about short term loans from here.


This is another common reason why many people want to take a personal loan in this country. Starting a business will require you to have enough money to cover some business costs. When you take a personal loan, you will be able to cover the startup costs in your business. It will help you accelerate the business growth process immediately. You don’t have to wait too long to save enough money to start your business. Some banks will provide you with a business loan that will have a more flexible payment plan for the business owners.

Home Improvement or Repair

Sometimes, you need to spend some of your money covering some sudden expenses. House repairs will be pretty common among many Filipinos. When you have any disasters, such as a flood, fire, and any other disaster in your location, you may need to fix some issues in your home. Home improvement will require you to spend some of your money. If you don’t have enough money to cover this repair or home improvement, you can consider taking a personal loan to cover this need.

Travel or Vacation

Traveling seems luxury for some people. However, it is worth spending your money on traveling or vacation. It has a lot of benefits for you and your family. It allows you to experience many different cultures, develop new skills, strengthen your bond, and also expand your network. Ideally, you may want to save your money for your own travel expenses. However, you may find any opportunities that come along and you need instant money for enjoying your vacation. If it is the case, you may need to take a personal loan for having this goal.

Balance transfer or debt consolidation

This is another common reason why many people want to take a personal loan. It may be difficult for you to have a lot of loan balances in many different accounts. If you want to consolidate all of these loans, it will be easier for you to manage your loan. You can do that by taking a personal loan and paying all of these loans. Therefore, you only need to repay the personal loan. The easier you can manage your loan, the easier it will be for you to complete the repayment process.
Sean Martin D. Plantado, head of customer service at, notes that the availability of credit in the Philippines leads to people borrowing money not only for critical situations but also for unnecessary things. This hurts financial discipline and the formation of a high credit rating.
Don’t forget to compare some available banks or loan providers before you decide to choose a good personal loan for yourself. Choose the best option that will offer you the most flexible payment with a low interest rate.

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