Everyone knows the importance of SEO. It is an essential part of any web presence. Searching engines are going through constant changes, so you have to keep updated with the latest trends if you want to rank at the top of Google’s searches. Due to changes in Google algorithms, there is a new trend every few months.

Website Analysics

One of the crucial things for perfect optimization is the approach. You have to treat every business as unique. There are no schematic rules that you have to follow which will guarantee a ranking on Google. That is why you have to think outside the box! On the other hand, there are some essential parts of SEO that every business must follow.

What actually is Off-page SEO?

Simply put, off-page SEO means optimizing your website to achieve a better position in SERP. SERP follows what visitors think of your website. Basically, any marketing strategy is an off-page SEO. Off-page SEO depends on your business needs. We can all agree that quality backlink strategy is one of the most important things in Off-page SEO. Experts are talking for years about the importance of backlinks. Nevertheless, it is not the only thing you should be paying attention to.

There are many factors included in quality Off-page strategy. The most important strategies include:

  • Quality backlink strategy
  • Social media activity (Facebook likes, shares, Instagram likes, Tweets, Pinterest pins, etc.)
  • User engagement and comments
  • Blogging and forum posting
  • Social bookmarks

Quality backlink strategy

Let me put this way- without a quality backlink strategy, you won’t be able to reach the top searches page on Google. Search engines will rank you higher if you have authoritative backlinks that are relevant to the content. This is very important for bloggers and content marketers. There are some important factors that you have to consider for better backlink ranking:

  • Number of linking domains
  • Rank of linking page
  • Domain Authority
  • Number of backlinks
  • Relevancy of link

Google will rank you better if you have more authoritative links on your website than your competition. It is not always easy to get a quality backlink, but there are few ways to do it. Then, how to get authoritative links?

Guest blogging

This is one of the most effective ways to get authoritative backlinks. It requires a lot of researching and finding top blogs in your niche. When you find the best blog for your guest post, you have to submit your idea. If a blog gets accepted, you will get quality backlink.

Build broken links

This method is quicker than guest blogging. You have to find broken links on the quality websites in your niche. Since Google penalizes broken links you should keep in mind to fix any broken links quickly. The owner should return a favor to you and include your link on their website.

Focus on Social Media

I know it might be confusing and you probably ask yourself “How social media affects SEO”? Well, it isn’t necessary to pinpoint the importance of Social media. Basically, everyone is already on some sort of social media.

Social Website Growth

First, when you publish your quality content it gets shared, liked and linked. With shared quality content, your page will get more fans and followers. With more fans and site traffic, reputation and authority will rise. With authority, your website will have more organic visits. As you can see, quality social media strategy will definitely affect your off-page SEO in a very positive way. Although, it is not an easy task and you have to create a perfect strategy for your brand.

Use Images and Graphs

This is important because when you use quality and unique images you will attract more quality links and you will improve your SEO. Infographics and images are getting more and more popular. You have to create quality images, otherwise, Google will penalize you and your rankings will drop.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

There are many free websites that provide free images, but visiting one such as Canva, where you can make your own charts and images will be more than you need. And it is a user-friendly website. We are in the times where you must have more than just quality content for perfect SEO. Inserting quality images will also improve your ranking.

Make a video for better SEO

When you have pictures and graphs, why not go one step further? Video relevancy in SEO world is rising every day. They are practical, easy to share, and no one has time to read a bunch of long articles. Instagram and Facebook stories, podcasts, Youtube videos, etc. are definitely a future of web presence and advertising. Why not be among the first ones to start video trend?

Many influencers and startups are using Youtube advertising as one of the most important tactics. It is much easier to share and available to a wider audience. Many people are earning big money because of Youtube and if you implement the right approach, your business will improve a lot! Here are few quality tips how to improve your Youtube presence.

  • Find out what is a trending in your niche
  • Represent your ideas and skills. You will show your personality and uniqueness
  • Show passion! It is not just about money, you have to be passionate and believe in the product
  • Why are you different from others? Explain why the audience should follow you
  • Be better than others! Quality matters and you have to understand the market
  • Let your subscribers know what they can expect next
  • Before marketing, you must have 10-15 HQ videos and some subscribers

As you can see, off-page SEO is not very complex, but you have to pay attention to details. Basically, everything you can do to improve your business is SEO. It is up to you to implement right tactics and approach. With these tips no one can fail, but what will make you SEO genius is thinking outside the box!