10 Useful Resources for Meteor Developers

We’re slowly closing in on the amount of learning materials that there is the ability to write about, the previous posts in which we’ve discussed matters of Meteor books, learning communities and insightful tutorials — can all the updated on frequent basis whenever there is something new and exciting entering the community. With that in mind, it also applies to all of our other Meteor posts.

If you’re a Meteor developer and you’ve got some interesting stuff to share with the community, make sure to leave a comment so that we can quickly have a look at what it is that you’re offering and we’ll consider to add it to our lists, not only does it help to grow the size of the content (and the usefulness), it also helps yourself to get exposed out there to a much broader audience.

In terms of useful resources in this post, most of the content here has been gathered around from Meteor communities and other knowledgable resources that people frequently link to and share. Expect detailed guides on how to use Meteor, as well as additional in-depth resources of the Universe that Meteor has developing underneath it. Let us know how they work out for you!

Unofficial Meteor FAQ

First up we have an insane Meteor resource hosted on GitHub that covers every beginner and intermediate question that you may have, everything is categorized and includes answers for parts of Meteor such as — animation, deployment, even best practices to use when coding with Meteor. It compliments the official documentation immensely.


Learning how to host a Meteor application on your DigitalOcean server might not seem all that easy at first, and frankly it isn’t. But, with the help of MeteorUp that process becomes so easy that you don’t even think about it. MeteorUp is a purposefully built library that will help you deploy Meteor apps on your server at complete ease, and performance at that.

Meteor Tips

Every programming language has this type of a website, although it’s not directly Meteor snippets — the website does provide a free introductory book to Meteor, there are links to screencasts and individual tutorials, as well as a fairly frequently updated blog that contains a lot of info on Meteor, and you can always jump into comments to get the latest feed.


I think that this is definitely one of the most insane Meteor resources out there, it literally covers nearly every aspect of Meteor in detail and provides links/tutorials/resources/guidance every step of the way, it can be a bit tricky to learn how to use this site properly, but it provides immense value if you’re just starting out and constantly need to look for answers. Hats off to the guys maintaining that site.

Pro Meteor

Pro Meteor is a production user guide to operating Meteor, it hasn’t been updated very much as of late, but the main website MeteorHacks is still the home of many insightful and essential Meteor tutorials that will get you pumped up for those expert level apps that you want to build so bad.

Full stack guidelines for Meteor apps

It’s not a big or overly resourceful page, but it stills adds a bit value to those who’re seeking to integrate Meteor in their full-stack. You’re also free to enrich the repository with your own skills.

Gentlenode Studio’s Journal

Gentlenode also provide some fairly interesting blog entries around Meteor and the way it works, although it hasn’t been updated as frequently as we would like to see, it seems that there are at least 22 solid entries that provide both technical understanding of the framework, as well as future education in forms of packages and links.

Meteor Learning!

We’re going metta with this one, since this GitHub page actually links out to many other resources about Meteor framework, most notably tutorials and an extended list of useful links, which we will perhaps convert into this article at some point, but for now enjoy the vastness of knowledge available to you.


At the moment it seems that there are nearly 40 available YouTube videos about Meteor on this page, the content spans into several hours of solid knowledge shared by some of the leading experts on the framework and all it has to offer. It just makes sense to share this since not everyone is a text-learner, and some people actually prefer to learn from “live” videos. Hopefully this helps.

Useful Resources for Meteor Developers

Hopefully there is something new in this list of resources for you to add to your already established list of materials needed for mastering the Meteor framework. The last few months for Meteor haven’t been excitingly fast or rapidly accelerating, so there’s plenty of time to play catch-up. Although that is not to say that the framework isn’t being worked on frequently.