This is actually a quite old infographic, but nonetheless still useful and right about the way bloggers think, and react to their blogs. I’m a blogger myself, and so I know that it’s true. It might not be true as far as all of the points go, but individually we’re all able to relate to some of the content of this infographic.

The Brain of a Blogger, it has been titled originally. I felt that the title needed some adjustments, and I’ve chosen one that feels most close to me. It’s more of an relate-to type of material, than it is educational. Infolinks like to call these the ‘dilemmas’ of a blogger, and which are the choices bloggers make along their path.

Like for example the blog content part of this infographic, it clearly features the three paths that a blogger can take:

  • buy content
  • scrape content
  • make your own content

and we still see it today, people are still making mistakes and new bloggers are still thinking that it’s possible to just make money out of the blue. I’m waiting to read some of your own reactions to these statements, were you able to relate at all? How did your blogging career begin?

The Way of a Blogger and How He Thinks [INFOGRAPHIC]

source by infolinks