PCs are considered to be the master race in gaming and with the wide variety of configurations to choose from, it can certainly be considered as the master race without any doubt. Nevertheless, one important aspect in PC gaming is what brings the hardware components of your system together. The video card, sound card, and graphic card function together but there’s a major piece of puzzle that joins them.

That piece of puzzle is DirectX which was introduced for the first time in the year 1996 and it is the basis as to why gaming is so incredible on the Windows platform. If you compare gaming on Windows to a console such as a PlayStation or Xbox then these machines have video cards which have fixed configurations. That isn’t the case on your PC.A lot of people still use the old version of directx which is directx 11 so if you want to do directx 11 download for free then you should visit this website.

What is DirectX?

DirectX is simply a collection of application programming interfaces (API) that give your hardware components access to the system. These components include graphic, video, sound and memory cards. If we talk about it in a simple language then DirectX is just the translation of games into a way the parts of your system can understand it. 

It is the middleman which makes the communication of a video card and the game possible. If DirectX wasn’t present then it would make things so much harder for PC game developers. They would have to alter even the smallest of details to make a variety of games playable on our system. With DirectX, our systems are able to process information easily.

This helps the system to be optimized accordingly for every game with the best configuration. With each game being played to its full potential, the experience gamers have with every game is absolutely incredible. Most of its credit goes to DirectX. 

But DirectX isn’t the only one in its league. Under the API Protocol sector, you also have the OpenGL standard but the difference between the two is that DirectX is native to the platform of Windows. The current generation of DirectX, DirectX 12 Ultimate has received outstanding reviews and rightly so.

The reason for its success is that it is making life easier for developers and gamers. Game developers are now finding it easier to make games for PC and the current and upcoming generation of the Xbox console because it is easier to tailor games to their respective platform. With every upcoming generation of DirectX, this is becoming easier than ever.

Features of DirectX

The reason DirectX is so brilliant is because of the features it has to offer. The following two features mentioned below are the main features of DirectX.


Raytracing is a fantastic feature which is going to be integrated in games for years to come. It is the feature of light working in real life providing beautiful graphics to current generation games offering breathtaking visuals in terms of reflections, shadows, illumination. The way light plays in here is astounding because it makes the game so much better in terms of visuals.

With games now being made of superior graphical quality, a feature was needed that could make a video game as real as possible and that is the edge raytracing provides. With billions of rays in a single second being seen on the screen within the game, this elevates the frame rates of the games as well, thus making the game stunning in its visuals.

Raytracing is going to be something spectacular in the world of gaming as games with better graphics are on their way. When raytracing expresses them fully, the visuals are going to be stunning for all the gamers out there.

Variable Rate Shading

Variable Rate Shading or VRS is a computing technique which improves the visual performance of a game by adjustment of the shading rate for different parts of a scene. With changes monitored in game on the graphical changes that take place, this VRS technique is also used in VR-based games as rendering brings in more detail at the place where your eyes are looking and less detail where they eyes aren’t.

It all starts with the magic of DirectX that is going to contribute to an elevated graphical experience while playing games. With graphics playing such a huge role in games, the variable rate shading feature courtesy of DirectX is going to improve a gamer’s experience massively.

Next generation games are going to be a treat because DirectX is going to play such a huge role in making games better. With better detailing and outlook, the game will become so much better to play.

Additional Graphical Improvements

With DirectX, there are further graphical improvements that are going to take place in a person’s PC while they game. There is volume tiled resources, conservative taster, raster order views, tiled resources, bindless textures, and much more that will improve the way you game.

These additional graphical improvements are going to be a game changer for now and in the future when games are going to look even sharper.


DirectX has made gaming so much more immersive and interactive with its ability to improve hardware systems. With the games that are about to come in the future, developers are going to have a cracking time making them whereas gamers are going to have a fantastic experience playing them!

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