In the business world, logos and signage may actually be more important than the products themselves. There are a handful of iconic logos that everyone can instantly recognize and can instantly associate with some experience in their life. This is the power of logos and visual imagery. For example, the Nike swoosh is recognized as a worldwide symbol. When you see that logo you immediately know that what you’re looking at has been made or endorsed by Nike and that the product is up to their standards. So what exactly makes logos like the Nike Swoosh so valuable? Here’s why custom signage and logos matter so much to businesses. 

Brand Identity

The biggest things that logos and custom signage bring to your company are brand identity and recognizability. Having a logo will allow your company to be easily recognized on sight. This forms a sort of identity and allows consumers to associate a picture with your business. In addition, consumers will be able to know a particular product is yours automatically when they see your logo. A unique and interesting logo could be all that you need to make your business stand out. This type of recognizability and identity will make it much easier for you to distinguish your products from the competition, making logos and signage very important to businesses. Your logo can show everyone how your company is different from the rest. 

Attracts New Customers

Potential Customers

Another important aspect of logos and signage is that it can attract new customers to your business. An attractive well-designed logo can demand a lot of attention and can entice people to purchase a product. People can make quick decisions on things that some might view as more trivial, such as a logo. They might not even realize how much of an impact on the design of a company’s logo has on them.  As humans we are hardwired to like certain things that are deemed attractive by us, meaning that a sleek logo could be the difference between a customer making a purchase or saving their money. Without a good logo to pull someone in, their eyes might glaze right over you. In addition, customers are much more likely to buy a product with a logo on it than one without a logo. A logo serves as a sort of emblem of officialness in the business world, as a product with a logo is a certified product from an established brand. A product without a logo can be seen as untrustworthy and unproven, thus making it less likely for a customer to buy it. No matter what type of business you run, a well-made logo is exactly what you need to bring in new customers. 

Provides Information

Another great feature of logos and signage is the information that they can provide. Customers will be able to gain a lot of information about a certain product just by simply looking at the logo that is on the front. A logo that has had a lot of thought put into it might be able to give a quick overview of the company in just a single image. For example, companies may have certain ways that they make their product or use particular materials in order to complete the product. A customer will be able to tell how a product was made, what it was likely made with, and who it was made by simply by seeing the logo or signage on the front. Providing this key information can make customers feel well informed and safe with a product, increasing the likelihood that they complete the purchase. 

Brand Loyalty

A major aspect of utilizing logos and signage is instilling brand loyalty into your frequent customers. When people begin using a brand over time they develop a “loyalty” to a brand. This familiarity makes it tough to switch to other products and will lead to an increase in purchases from that particular customer. Logos can serve as a visual representation of this loyalty. When a loyal customer sees your logo on a product they have already determined that it is likely to be high quality and something that they would be interested in. However, the lack of a logo could be detrimental to instilling brand loyalty, as your products lack a “face”. With no logo there is no visual representation to get attached to, and as such loyalty is harder to earn.

Easier Marketing


Another key aspect of logos and signage is how they help in marketing and advertising. As mentioned before, logos and signage provide you with a recognizable aspect of your business that consumers can easily point to. It allows you to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself much easier. This opens up a whole new world of marketing and advertising opportunities for you and your business. For example, you can now sponsor local events and have your new logo or signage displayed. You could also partner with a print shop to create products and merchandise with your logo on it. Their print shop management software can allow them to create all sorts of things for you, ranging from shirts to hats. You can then give this merchandise away as a form of marketing and advertising. 

Makes You Memorable

How often have you seen a company’s logo and remembered them after solely because you remembered seeing the logo? A logo gives people something to remember that your company’s name or mission can’t do. They might forget everything else about your company, but they’ll remember that they enjoyed your logo. Potential customers might be exposed to multiple different companies that all have a similar purpose. When they’re deciding which company to go with, they could have your logo in their mind, which could help drive you further. If you have branded items with your logo on it, that can be even better to help people remember you. Even simple gestures, like putting your logo on something small like pens, will keep you in people’s minds.