The article tells about the pluses of technologies for older people, especially, in the sense of tablets and games. Games can help to communicate with friends, relax, train brain activity, and just entertain.

Technological Solutions for Older people

We tend to associate the new technological world with the younger generation, but older people, surprisingly, also find common ground with modern technologies. For example, 59% of Americans aged 65 and older use the Internet regularly, and 77% of this population use mobile phones.

In fact, 23% of this population is actively playing games using mobile phones, computers, or game consoles, and data continues to grow. In particular, tablets are an example of modern technology that many older adults can use very effectively. You can download more games and applications on tablets than, for example, on your phone. That is why a tablet is a good solution.

Of course, older adults may not use their tablets for editing a resume, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use it for professional purposes. Our world is changing quickly, and those aged 65 or older stand all chances to still be relevant to the job market.

Plus, a lot of older adults say that it is easier for them to work with the touch screen. Large tablets are best for them, especially for those with poor eyesight. And no wonder: here the font and the screen are bigger and easier to operate.

One of the ways to get older adults used to tablets is to let them play some games on it. With so many different types of games available for tablets, you need to find games that any older person can occupy. This can be especially important for caregivers and those needing a break. In some cases, tablet apps keep older people socially active through online gaming, allowing them to play with friends.


One of the important aspects is that the games on the tablet can keep older adults mentally active, especially where you need to solve complex tasks. Studies have shown that cognitive activity can be one of the key components that helps reduce the negative effects of aging.

But not all of them can deal with the tablet on their own. Such people have to be trained. Older adults need to learn how to touch the screen in order to get the desired result and find out what the consequences of their actions will be on the device.

Older people often use the touchscreen relatively easily, but sometimes this can be a daunting task. For example, one older woman uses the tablet for a number of games without any help but still has a problem unlocking it.

In addition, you must remember that you have to explain the rules in detail. Some older adults play games intuitively, but others may have to be taught how to play certain games. It may be a matter of sitting down with them and explaining everything step by step, have patience. The main thing that you should remember: choose the type of game/application according to the interests of this person. Someone likes solitaire; someone is interested in the race and so on.

Knowing the type, you narrow down the search for the application you need, and you can easily use the search function inside the store itself. For example, you can choose to search for “card games” or “word search”, you will see a list of applications that fall under these conditions. The approach is not accurate, as it searches for words in the name of the application, but it works well for general categories of applications.

So, tablets can be a wonderful way to entertain older adults as well, since there are many different applications and games now.