Entrepreneurship is an ever-changing subject. At any given point, you will never have enough information to make a risk free decision in business The world is changing rapidly and every topic related to entrepreneurship is developing even faster. Thus, you have to keep yourself updated if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

In this article, we will talk about 10 business books that you can read to develop yourself as an entrepreneur.

List of Top 10 Business Books For Entrepreneurs:

1. The Innovator’s Dilemma

Written by Clayton Christensen, a serial entrepreneur, this is a must read for every entrepreneur out there. A lot of universities now recommend this book as a read to their business students including places like UC Berkeley. What is this book about? The book talks about exactly what the title says!

It talks about the dilemmas that an entrepreneur faces when trying to decide what to do. The book also discuss why big companies cannot perform as fast as the small ones. It will also tell you what to do when you are trying to grow as a company. Overall, it is a great read for entrepreneurs.
Dilemmas of Books

2. Shoe Dog

Do you know about Phil Knight? This is the guy who created brands like Nike. He worked 52 years and retired in 2016. Phil Knight is considered as one of the most influential founders of the world and he is worth $25.8B.

The book Shoe Dog talks about the journey of Phil Knight. The book tells you how he started with only $500 in his pocket and how he ended up founding the biggest shoe brand on planet earth. The book also goes into the details and talks about how to build a global brand from a local perspective.

3. Tools of Titans

Tim Ferriss is popular for his famous creation, the Four Hours Work Week! But that’s not the only masterpiece that this guy wrote. Tools of Titans is one of his latest books where he talks about the importance of strategies for entrepreneurs.

In this book, Tim analyzed around 200 entrepreneurs and performers to figure out how to develop strategies and how to increase productivity as an entrepreneur. Like other Tim Ferriss productions, this is also a fun read and you will not feel like you are reading an educational piece when reading it.
Educational Piece

4. The Power of Broke

The Power of Broke is one of the latest sensations in the entrepreneurial community. The book is written by Daymond John, the founder of Fubu and a famous star of ABC’s Shark Tank! In this book, Daymond talks about how you can start a business with very limited resources.

The idea is to break the old school mentality that you need huge investment, office and setup to successfully run a business. In this book, Daymond explains why the idea is everything and how having limited resource actually helps in running and building your business.

5. Business Adventure

John Brooks wrote this master piece and it is a must read for all entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to be a businessman. There is an interesting story associated with this book. When Bill Gates was taking recommendations of good books from his friends, Warren Buffett actually went ahead and recommended this book to him. Since then, this is one of Bill Gate’s all time favorite.

The book talks about the challenges and the opportunities of working in a competitive field. The book actually tells you how to compete and how to win in those business battles. The book is an old one, but still extremly relevant.

6. Conscious Capitalism

The name might not be that appealing to tech entrepreneurs out there but this is definitely a must read book for most. Two writers wrote this book including the famous John Mackey as well as Raj Sisodia. John Mackey is the cofounder of the famous Whole Foods Market and he explains what Conscious Capitalism can do to your business.

The book talks about how to create a win-win situation for your industry and how to make sure that everyone is happy with the end result.
Conscious Capitalism

7. Hustle

This is a New York Times best seller written by three famous digital marketers. They are Neil Patel, Patrick Vlaskovits & Jonas Koffler. The book, as you can expect from the name talks about the importance of doing rather than planning. It is all about the hustle at the end of the day and this book gives you that motivation.

This is a piece of pure motivation to those who need it. As they all are digital marketers, they also talk about how to stay away from the 9 to 5 lifestyle and how to build a business that you can operate remotely.

8. The Obstacle Is The Way

There will be obstacles when you are going to operate a business. There will be tough times but you have to make sure that you face those obstacles and come out to be a winner. That is what the book is all about. This book is written by Ryan Holiday, a famous writer.

The book is not just all about the theory of entrepreneurship. It dissects entrepreneurs like Marcus Aurelius and Steve Jobs to figure out how they fought with the obstacles and came out to be winners.

9. Meditations

Meditations, a series of personal writings of Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor, is becoming more and more popular as human beings are getting more conscious about the need of having a perfect mind. If you are an entrepreneur, you have to make sure that you are taking the right decisions and meditation can help you achieve that.

The book is written by Marcus Aurelius and it talks about how you can use the power of meditation to achieve a calm mind which will result in taking better decisions.

10. Zero to One

Zero to One by Peter Thiel is a great book for entrepreneurs who are starting out. Peter Thiel is the co-founder of PayPal and in this book, he talks about how to use the power of technology in your favor. The book also talks about how to have a long term vision of what you want to do with your business and how to reach towards that.

If you are planning to start something in the tech industry, this book is going to help you a lot!