Out of all the aspects of business operation, the most important is knowing how to sell your product effectively. In today’s world – it is essential to understand the tactics of online sales for your small business.

With over 1 billion websites present on the world wide web today, you might fear your small business will appear as just a tiny fish in the huge Internet pond of sharks. While you are crossing your fingers that consumers will end up on your website and make a purchase, so are millions of other companies out there on the world wide web.

The key to a successful small business is a group of effective strategies for increasing your online sales. This article will offer a list of ten effective ways to increase online sales for your small business in today’s world.

1. Develop a relationship with your customers

Relationship selling is one of those sales strategies that just keeps on giving. By developing a one-on-one relationship with your customers, you also develop a long-term customer. By gaining their trust and customizing your offerings to fit their needs, they will feel the need to keep coming back, again and again.

Listen to their needs and their concerns – as long as they are taken care of, they will continue to come back and will go on to tell others, as well.
Relationship selling

2. Utilize your headline to feature benefits

Oftentimes, your headline is the first thing a consumer notices when they visit your site. Especially if they have stumbled on your site by mistake, or come across it for the first time, they are more likely to make a purchase if you grab their attention from the beginning. Offer a compelling reason to look further into your site and your products, and even make a purchase.

Rather than just highlighting what you offer, highlight why they need the product. For example, if you are a company who offers sober living arrangements in LA, try to grab the consumer’s attention with something related to the benefits of a strong addiction recovery facility.

3. Add credibility to your website copy

One key component to consumers choosing not to purchase your product is a lack of trust. While your product might look enticing at first, if they know nothing about you or your company, they might still choose to walk away.

A great way to enhance your site visitors’ trust in your product is by adding customer testimonials from previous customers. Highlight a few of the best responses you have received from previous customers and make those readily visible for your visitors.

4. Add images to boost desirability

Actual images of your products make them seem more tangible to your visitors. It is much easier for consumers to imagine themselves using the product when they have access to a picture of it. Test out a variety of images and image placement to see what works best for you.
ADVERTISING concept on a screen

5. Practice effective advertising

If you are looking to increase your sales, you probably don’t want to spend an excessive amount of cash trying to do so. With that being said, advertising is still important but you should be frugal when doing so. Test out social media marketing via your company’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account. By creating an inviting and engaging online presence, you can build your brand through social media.

6. Offer multiple payment methods

Obviously, some payment methods tend to be more popular than others – such as debit cards, many now using mifare desfire card tech. However, debit cards and credit cards are not the only forms of payment. By increasing your payment method options, you increase your reach for your store.

Try incorporating other payment forms such as eCheck or digital wallets like PayPal. Another payment form is Bitcoin. While not many people use it, this international currency continues to grow in popularity.

7. Offer promotional codes

Promotional codes are a great way to attract new customers or convince someone who is on the fence about a purchase, to complete the payment. Promotional codes can easily be a deciding factor in whether or not to complete the purchase with your company. The promo code might offer just enough of a discount to make your product a better buy than the competitors.

Charts of sales growth written with chalk on a blackboard

Charts of sales growth written with chalk on a blackboard

8. Use active phrases on your buttons

Instead of just saying “Submit” try something like “Claim yours today” or “Get instant access” to encourage a follow through with the call to action.

9. Use “my” instead of “your”

By using “my” instead of “your” you make your product seem as if the consumer already owns it. This is a more intriguing and inviting tone, encouraging them to continue to click through and purchase.

10. Be consistent

The tone and design of your website copy should match throughout. The tone and design should also carry over into the layout of your advertisements as well. Create a trail for the consumer to follow – from advertisement to the purchase page.

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