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The trend of incorporating motion graphics in the user interfaces of websites is becoming increasingly popular. It is an important part of any front-end development project. We all know that without JavaScript, it is not possible. Today, JavaScript is used in a myriad of web development scenarios.  Its role in UI designing along with other web technologies, such as HTML and CSS, is growing rapidly.

Today, there are a bunch of useful JavaScript libraries which cater to various web development projects. Among them, jQuery is a popular DOM manipulation JavaScript library. It has been installed on 65% of the top 10 million high-traffic websites on the web.

jQuery is a free, open-source and cross-platform JavaScript library which simplifies client-side scripting of HTML. One of the main benefits of jQuery is that it offers a range of capabilities for developers to create plug-ins on top of JavaScript library. This allows them to design abstractions for low-level interaction and animation as well as build dynamic web pages, Ajax applications and advanced UI effects.

Today, there are several jQuery programming tutorials available online. One can easily learn it from any online learning platform or a blog platform. But, if you want to learn jQuery from an authentic resource, then books are a great medium. Today, there are a range of e-books published by renowned authors who are also professional jQuery developers. So, I am bringing to you a list of 10 free e-books for learning jQuery which will prove to be a perfect bet for beginners.  Alright, here we go.

1) jQuery in Action:

jquery in action
jQuery in Action is a book from Manning Publications written by Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz. The book provides conceptual knowledge about the useful features of jQuery library. It covers topics, such as Ajax implementation, DOM manipulation, event handling, jQuery plugins development, UI effects and more. A basic understanding of JavaScript and Ajax is all that you need to start learning from this book.

2) jQuery Succinctly:

jquery sucessful
jQuery Succinctly is a book released by Syncfusion Inc. and authored by Cody Lindley. The book is a comprehensive guide to learning the fundamental concepts behind using jQuery. It features ten chapters which explain the various aspects of using jQuery in front-end development. The book covers topics, such as DOM traversing and manipulation, HTML forms, events, plugins, Ajax and animation effects.

3) jQuery Cookbook

j query cookbook
jQuery Cookbook is a book published by O’ Reilly Media Inc. The book teaches advanced methods for applying jQuery to large projects. It contains solutions with practical examples for various jQuery use cases, including events, effects, forms, themes and UI elements. It also teaches developers to test their jQuery applications.

4) jQuery Mobile Up and Running:

j query mobile
jQuery Mobile Up and Running is a book released by Manning Publications and written by Maximiliano Firlman. The book is a practical guide to using jQuery Mobile framework with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. It is suitable for anyone who wants to learn to build cross-platform mobile applications for various smart phones and tablets.

5) PHP jQuery Cookbook

php j query
PHP jQuery Cookbook is a book from Packt Publishing and written by Vijay Joshi. The book teaches to develop interactive web applications with PHP on the server-side and jQuery on the client-side. It covers over 60 independent scenarios and offers practical solutions to common problems. PHP jQuery Cookbook features 9 chapters in all and covers topics, such as event handling, data binding with PHP and jQuery, UI effects, working with JSON and more.

6) Essential JavaScript & jQuery Design Patterns

java and jquery
Essential JavaScript and jQuery Design Patterns is a book authored by Addy Osmani. As the name suggests, the book offers key insights in to the structure and benefits of a design pattern and outlines the various types of design patterns in jQuery and JavaScript. Some of the jQuery design patterns discussed in the book are lazy initialization, composite, wrapper, proxy, façade, observer and others.

7) Beginning jQuery

begning jquery
Beginning jQuery, authored by Jack Franklin, is an ideal book on jQuery for beginners. The book features 11 chapters in all and covers the basic concepts of working with jQuery. It explains various important topics, such as basics of JavaScript and jQuery, DOM traversal, events, animation, Ajax with jQuery and more.

8) jQuery Fundamentals

j query fundamentals
jQuery Fundamentals is a simple book written by Rebecca Murphey for learning the basic fundamentals of jQuery. It is a beginner level book and has numerous examples of applying jQuery concepts to front-end development projects. The book features three sections, in which the first section gives a brief overview of JavaScript and the other two sections cover the advanced topics in jQuery.

9) Head First jQuery

head first j query
Head First jQuery is a book published by O’Reilly Media and authored by Ryan Benedetti and Ronan Cranley. The book teaches jQuery in an exciting way with the help of colourful visuals, amusing language and an interactive approach. The book sheds light on various important topics, such as building reusable jQuery functions, DOM manipulation, animation, effects, event handling and more.

10) jQuery For Dummies

j quries dummies
jQuery For Dummies is a book published by Wiley Publishing and written by Lynn Beighley. Featuring seven chapters in all, the book is ideal for anyone who wants to learn jQuery from scratch. The book simplifies the technical details of the topics and makes it easier for a novice learner to understand and apply the power of jQuery techniques to a website.

The main advantage of learning jQuery from a book is that one can be sure of its authenticity. A book is written by an expert from the industry. One can also learn in detail about the author of that book and follow him or her on his blog or website as well.  Moreover, most of these books provide numerous code examples, practical exercises and theoretical knowledge, so there are various types of learning materials at one’s disposal. So, I urge you to not waste any time and start learning right away.

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