Today, website development is one of the fastest growing fields in the technology market. Today, there are a range of software solutions available to meet the various requirements of modern websites. These software solutions cater to the various aspects of website development. Today, web designing is considered an important part of website development. Web designing helps in providing a rich visual experience for website visitors. A smart user interface (UI) enhances the overall user experience of online visitors during website engagement. Hence, web designers and front-end developers are keen on using the right technology solutions in their projects.

Today, JavaScript has evolved to become a useful programming language in web designing projects. JavaScript allows transforming user interface components for delivering visual effects and providing modern functionality. There are a range of resources available in the form of tools, plugins, libraries and more which allow web designers to leverage the power of modern web development technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and others. So, here we will take a look at some of the most essential JavaScript plugins and libraries available, which will allow developers to incorporate the right user interface and web designing solutions in their web development projects. Alright, so get ready to check out the list of 10 JavaScript Plugins and Libraries for Web Designers.

1. Layzr.js

Layzr.js is a lightweight JavaScript library which allows web designers to apply lazy loading effect for images. It is written in ES6 and has an updated build system. The library offers native support for multiple browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Android, Safari, Opera and more. Layzr.js is an ideal solution for implementing lazy loading images on different websites, such as portfolio, e-commerce and more.

2. Dense

Dense is a modern jQuery plugin which enables web designers to display retina-ready images on a website based on a device’s pixel ratio. The plugin runs on modern web browsers as well as mobile and desktop browsers, including Chrome, Safari, iOS and more. Dense is a useful plugin for incorporating retina support in to websites and rendering crisp images for enhancing a website’s visual appeal.

3. Full Page.js

Full Page.js is an important JavaScript plugin for implementing full-screen vertical scrolling for websites. Apart from vertical scrolling, the plugin also supports horizontal scrolling and allows designers to easily integrate horizontal sliders in to websites. Full Page.js works with a range of mobile devices and tablets and fits in to various screen sizes. The plugin is used by popular companies, such as Google and Sony.

4. Lunr.js

Lunr.js is a minimalist text search engine for client websites and applications. It does not require any external dependencies and runs on any modern browser with ES5 support. It has default processors, such as a stemmer based on Martin Porter’s algorithms and an auto-filter for stop words. Lunr.js allows adding custom processors and removing default ones. Its default tokenization system supports English text but one can add language-specific tokenizers as well.

5. Lity

Lity is a lightweight plugin for applying lightbox effect for displaying images, iframes and inline content in an overlay window. The plugin supports jQuery and Zepto JavaScript library. Lity also offers support for displaying Google Maps as well as Youtube and Vimeo videos in a modal window. The plugin supports responsive design and works on various smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

6. Dynamics.js

Dynamics.js is a full-fledged JavaScript library for designing modern physics-based animations. One can easily animate a range of user interface components, such as buttons, menu bars, location pins, loaders and more. The library allows designing a variety of animation effects based on bounciness, rotation, spin, frequency and more.

7. Accordion Pro JS

Accordion Pro JS
Accordion Pro JS is a very useful jQuery plugin for integrating horizontal and vertical accordions on the web pages. It is a responsive and mobile-friendly jQuery accordion plugin with support for multiple themes styles and customization settings. Accordion Pro JS offers a robust support for swipe gestures and CSS3 animations. It also offers other great features, such as auto-play mode, multiple options for setting slide transition speed and play/pause feature for animation.

8. Arbor.js

Arbor.js is a graph visualization library for displaying graphs and site maps on websites. It is built with jQuery and provides force-directed layout instructions with support for usage with SVG, Canvas or HTML elements for graph display and drawing. It is a good resource for displaying graph data with multiple layout types and visual styles.

9. jNotify

jNotify is a robust jQuery plugin for implementing notification system in websites and web-based applications. It is a great way to keep a user informed about the result of a specific action with messages, such as loading in progress or Ajax operation finished. jNotify allows providing notification messages which fade away after a set time duration and does not require users to perform any action, such as clicking the ‘OK’ button. Besides, the plugin allows including rich-text messages, links and images in the notifications.

10. jQuery Form Validator

jQuery Form Validator
jQuery Form Validator is a modern jQuery plugin for implementing client-side form validation. The plugin supports a range of validation methods as well as allows writing custom validation methods. It offers validation support for a range of input types, such as URL, Name, Address, Location, E-mail, Numbers and more. The plugin can also be used for displaying error messages, help text and input suggestions.

There are a range of JavaScript libraries and plugins available which offer a diverse range of solutions in web designing and website development. If you want to add some more names to the list or suggest any feedback, then you can write in the comments section below. Thank you.