Eleven Awesome Things You Can Build With Node.js

Using Node.js is more likely to be the norm than the exception when you consider how popular it is becoming today. It is a super runtime environment that is not only designed for creation of simple websites and apps but also very dynamic, top class experiences that you will love so much. It is an application that is meant to satisfy a particular need. When you look at it this way, there are great things that you can build using Node.js. It performs really well when it is used in the creation of fast network applications that are scalable too. The fact that it can handle more than one connection at a go makes it the best choice to go for.

In past we have shared various contents on Node.js, of which Minimal Node.js Frameworks, Web application frameworks for Node.js and Top IDE’s for Node.js were well liked and mostly shared as they were really helpful for web developers. In today’s post we will be sharing with you the things that you can easily create using Node.js

1. Creation of a tool that can create a remote control

Node.js is a framework that can easily access hardware system resources, making it the most ideal in the creation of a remote control. For this you need a single environment, a programming language for both front and back end and a server and client programming, all of which are provided by Node.js. With node.js, you can create a remote control web app that will be paired with another web app, which needs to be controlled from a distance in real time, making it easy for you to control anything that you choose with a remote.

2. Creation of a tool that allows you to use your smart phone as a remote control

In addition, you can also transform your smartphone into a remote control if you know how, and Node.js can help you make this happen with minimum effort. Node.js, together with Socket.io can be used in order to help you run a presentation on your laptop using your smartphone as a remote control.
smart phone remote

3. Creation of your own app for you and your friends

If you have always wanted to have your own hangout, this is very possible with Node.js. Rather than logging on to a forum that seems extremely public, you can choose to create one that is private to just you and your friends. Once you create it, using Node.js you can run it in real time.

4. Creation of an app that can be used as a chat room

With Node.js you can create a chat room with a difference. The technology ensures that what you design is top class. Node.js features all the tools that you would need in order to create a brilliant chat room app, and bring it up to full operation and function.

Using Node web kit, you can build a chat application that will run on Windows, mac and Linux very comfortably.
application name.

5. Creation of an app for drawing artists

Node.js can give you an awesome drawing tool that can be used by numerous people at the same time. With such an app, a lot of people can draw on the same canvas at the same time as long as they can access the app on their browser. This is an app that can be used by beginners in drawing as well as artists who want to develop their drawing talent and it can be used all over the world. Node.js is ideal for interaction and for bringing people together.
Creation of an app for drawing artists

6. Creation of game apps

Video games are a favorite pass time for a lot of people. With Node.js, you can create your own game apps and always run them in real-time on web browsers. After the creation of such an app, you can stream your preferred video game and play it on your browser. The site becomes amazingly interactive allowing for many people to visit the site and play at any one time.

7. Creation of a desktop control app

Node.js makes it possible for you to create a myriad of apps that can run on your desktop at the same time, even though they are from different platforms. You can come up with an RSS reading app to use for all the apps on your desktop using Node.js

8. Creation of a real-time bidding platform

This is another amazing app that you can create with ease using Node.js. A bidding platform that runs on real time, where different people from different ends of the world can use is can be very thrilling.

If you have always wanted to improve your bidding skills or to run a casino, Node.js will help you create it.

9. Creation of an advertising reporting app

This is an app that will be of great help to a lot of people, particularly those in business. An advertising reporting app will give you all the information you need pertaining to an advert that is ongoing. Since the information that results shall be in real-time, there will be no need to keep records with such an app. In addition, you can quickly get feedback from potential clients.

10. Anything you want with more features than you can imagine

There is so much that you can do with Node.js that you literally have the entire creative world at your feet. You can choose from hundreds of packages, mad science, command line apps, functional programming, htttp; logging, command-line utilities, build tools, templating, web frameworks, documentation, file systems, control flow and real time.
more features

11. Creation of a food ordering app

If you are in the catering industry, this is an app that can help you serve your clients better. You can create an app with Node.js that will make it possible for your clients to place their orders in real-time. Your clients will not have to make calls or queue at your shop to get what they need. You can also keep close contact with your clients with such an app.

A food ordering app will improve your business a great deal and it can bring more clients to you. It will enable you to monitor what is going on your business even when you are not there.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating online tools and apps using Node.js. Node.js is also able to connect to a range of devices, allowing you to use it on your mobile device or personal computer. It is excellent that you can connect computers together, allowing for projects to be worked on simultaneously, in different locations and in real time.