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Having control over code is an important part of a software application development process. A lot of programmers need efficient code editing and debugging tools to work with accuracy and speed. This may be the reason as to why an IDE (Integrated development environment) was conceptualized. An IDE has a source code editor, a code debugger, code completion feature, build automation tool, compiler and more all in one single software application. Modern IDEs have a graphical user interface with a single program which offers several features, such as authoring, compiling, deploying and debugging software code.

Some IDEs are dedicated to a specific, single programming language while there are a few more that support multiple languages. Eclipse, NetBeans, CodeEnvy, Xojo and Xcode are some examples of modern IDEs.

Here, we are focusing only upon IDEs for Node.js applications. We are aware that Node.js has successfully captured the mainstream technology market with large-scale companies like IBM, Yahoo!, Walmart, SAP and others using it. These days, Node.js application development is gaining momentum and it is used by a vast community of developers, technology enthusiasts and programmers.

Node.js is an open-source, runtime environment for developing server-side and network applications in JavaScript. Its event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O model makes it ideal for building real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

In our last post of Node.js I have highlighted some of best web hosting platforms for Node.js applicaition, today I have listed down the names of major IDEs for Node.js development. Most of them support multiple platforms like OSX, LINUX and Windows. I have also listed down some names of popular text editors since they perform much of the required job.

Here the Top 10 IDEs for Developing Node.js Apps we will be looking at: –

1. Cloud 9

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a free, cloud-based IDE supporting application development with popular technologies, including Node.js, PHP, C++, Meteor and more. It offers a powerful online code editor that lets you write, run and debug your code. Moreover, Cloud 9 provides several features, such as key binding editor, built-in image editor, live previewing and a lot more.

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2. Intellij IDEA

Intellij IDEA

Intellij IDEA is a robust IDE for web application development using popular technologies, such as Node.js, Angular.js, JavaScript, HTML5 and more. You need a Node.js plugin to enable the IDE and use features, including syntax highlighting, code assistance, code completion and more. You can run and debug Node.js apps and see the results right in the IDE. Its JavaScript debugger offers conditional breakpoints, expression evaluation and other features.

3. WebStorm


WebStorm is a popular JavaScript IDE, which is ideal for server-side development with Node.js. The IDE provides intelligent code completion, navigation, automated and safe refactorings and other features. Additionally, you can use the debugger, VCS, terminal and other tools right in the IDE.

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4. Komodo IDE


Komodo is a cross-platform IDE supporting major programming languages, including Node.js, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript and more. The IDE allows you to run commands, create custom configurations, track changes and use shortcuts. It also provides syntax/highlighting, code intelligence, language icons, multiple selections, markdown viewer, DOM viewer, graphical debugging and more.

5. Koding


Koding is an open-source, cloud-based IDE for developing applications using Node.js, PHP, Ruby and more. The IDE offers a variety of features, including syntax highlighting, keyboard shortcuts, collapsible panes, workspace, auto indenting, code folding and code preview using built-in browser. Koding offers multi-cursor support to allow making similar edits at once.

6. Eclipse


Eclipse is a popular cloud-based IDE for web development using Java, PHP, C++ and more. You can easily avail the features of Eclipse IDE using the Node.js plugin, which is nodeclipse.

7. WebMatrix


WebMatrix is a free and cloud-based IDE for Windows platform. It supports web development using Node.js with features, such as code completion, built-in templates and publishing to the cloud. WebMatrix has built-in Node.js templates for website and web application development that use Express, routing, OAuth, and more.

8. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text uses a custom UI toolkit with a powerful text editor for code, markup and prose. You can jump to symbols, lines or words using shortcuts and use multiple selection option to rename variables and manipulate files faster. Sublime Text also offers options for split editing, customizing, project switching and more.

9. Atom


Atom is a text editor with modern code completion features. It comes pre-installed with four UI and eight syntax themes and is easily customizable. Atom is an open-source application, which is built with HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Node.js integration. It runs on the Electron framework for building cross-platform apps using popular web technologies.

10. Brackets


Brackets is a text editor offering advanced features, such as inline editing, live code previewing, preprocessor support, code folding and command line integration. Brackets is an open-source project started by Adobe systems. Extract for Brackets is an adobe extension that lets you pull design information from PSD files, such as colors, fonts, gradients and measurement information and turn it in to CSS.

If you are a Node.js developer, then there is no lack of necessary tools to get your job done. There are a lot of testing tools, frameworks and IDEs available for Node.js application development. A lot of application developers are currently working to develop an array of useful applications using Node.js framework. One can easily develop real-time web applications, such as instant messaging or chat applications using Node.js. KeystoneJS is an example of a content management system (CMS) built using Node.js. It is used for building database-driven, modern websites as well as applications and application programming interfaces (APIs). Another is Ghost, a popular blogging platform. Moreover, you can also build servers, games, websites, content management systems and a lot more using this powerful technology.

I am sure you must have found this list helpful and will definitely find the perfect Node.js IDE from this list. You can share your feedback on this topic by writing your comments in the comments section below. Good Luck!!!