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There are two dimensions to any design art. One is the texture and the other is the pattern. Take a tile, for instance. It has a smooth surface which we call texture and a design on it which we call pattern. Typically, one has to work with lines, curves, spirals, geometric shapes and other abstract designs to create a design pattern which is consistent and visually pleasing. In the world of designing, modern art is defined by a prudent usage of seamless patterns over textures.

Earlier, graphic designers would rely on photographers to provide images of various design patterns which could then be processed for use in various design projects. But, with the advent of modern design tools, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, designers are able to create their own design patterns. Obviously, it is a very difficult job to perform which involves a lot of technicalities in to it and a lot of designers still rely on various free or premium images.

But, as a designer, if you still want to use cool design patterns in your projects but are not skilled in Photoshop or Illustrator then you can use some ready-to-use and free sets of geometric design patterns. Geometric backgrounds are quite popular these days and there are a range of geometric background patterns and textures which are available to download for free on the internet. As a web graphic designer, you can use them in a variety of contexts, such as online banners, website home page, logo designing, illustrations and more. Alright, so let us check out 12 Free Geometric Background Sets.

1) Free Polygon Backgrounds: V2

FREE polygon
Free Polygon Background: V2 is a set of 12 different geometric backgrounds in 150 dpi RGB format. The set includes 12 polygonal backgrounds in high-resolution JPG file formats. The backgrounds are available in various colors and can be used for any web or graphic designing project.

2) 30 Polygonal Background Textures

30 polygon
30 Free Low Poly/Polygonal Background Textures is a set of 30 geometric background textures. The textures are available in various abstract color combinations. These geometric background textures are suitable for use in various design projects, such as wallpapers, presentations, flyers, headers and more.

3) 20 Free Polygon Backgrounds

20 polygon
20 Free Polygon Backgrounds is a collection of high-resolution, geometric background textures. The set features 20 backgrounds with different low-poly patterns and color schemes. The backgrounds are available in 3000×2000 pixels at 300 ppi. They are suitable for various portfolio projects, wallpapers, flyers, online advertisements and more.

4) 5 Free Geometric Polygonal Backgrounds

5 free geometric
5 Free Geometric Polygonal Backgrounds is a collection of high-resolution, geometric background wallpapers. The set features 5 colorful, polygonal backgrounds in .jpg files, which is suitable for any modern design project, such as parallax background in website, mobile application, desktop application and more.

5) 5 Geometric High-Definition Backgrounds

5 geometric high
This freebie set called as 5 Geometric HD Backgrounds features 5 colorful geometric backgrounds in ai and jpg file formats. The collection includes high-resolution, geometric background textures at size 2500×2500 px. The backgrounds are suitable for use in posters, illustrations and website backgrounds.

6) 5 iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus polygonal wallpapers

This is a set of 5 polygonal background wallpapers which are exclusively designed to work for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The wallpapers are available in high-resolution (750×1334 and 1080×1920 px) and different colors.

7) 10 Geometric Backgrounds

10 geometric
This freebie set features a collection of 10 high-definition, geometric backgrounds. All the polygonal background textures come in both ai and jpg file formats. JPG background images are available at size 2500×2500 px.

8) Crystallized 2 Vector Graphic

Crystallized 2 Vector Graphic is a geometric background with an aesthetic design. It boosts of a beautiful blend of red and teal colors along with angular shapes. You can download it for free by clicking the link to the landing page.

9) 20 Beautiful Flat Geometric Backgrounds

20 beutiful
This is a free set of 20 flat geometric backgrounds that is ideal for use in a variety of web or graphic designing projects. 20 Beautiful Flat Geometric Backgrounds includes 20 polygon backgrounds in jpg file formats along with AI, EPS and PSD extensions.

10) 5 Hexagon Backgrounds

5 hexagon bg
5 Hexagon Backgrounds is a collection of free geometric background textures. The set features 5 high-resolution, hexagon backgrounds in 2300×1500 px and 5 different colors. The background textures are available in jpg file format along with AI, EPS and PSD extensions.

11) 14 High-Resolution Geometric Patterns

14 high resolution
14 Photoshop Geometric Patterns is a set of various background patterns in geometric shapes. The set includes 14 colorful patterns with circles, hexagons, triangles and other geometric shapes.

12) Monochrome Geometric Patterns

Monochrome Geometric Patterns is a set of 100 monochrome geometric tessellations in black and white. These vector pattern swatches are ideal for usage in website backgrounds, optical illusions and illustrations.


Conclusion: –
I hope that you have found this list helpful. You can make use of these free geometric design backgrounds and patterns in your personal or commercial projects. Moreover, you can edit them in your favourite design tools. But, make sure that you check out the guidelines for commercial use on specific web pages. Some of these design resources require attributing the creative designer. For any further feedback or comments, kindly mention your views in the comments section below. Thank you.