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Are you planning to learn AngularJS? Why not? It is currently one of the trending technologies around and learning it is also monetarily beneficial.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for developing effective client-side applications. It is developed and maintained by Google and an open-source community of developers. It is shaping the future of dynamic single-page applications rapidly. A lot of popular applications, such as Betrend and PunchPlay have made AngularJS a preferred choice as lot of AngularJS Tools  and AngularJS Directives are available for developers to develop different types of apps using it.

Learning new technologies on the internet has become pretty convenient due to the existence of abundant resources, such as video lessons, text tutorials, e-books and more. But, it can be a bit confusing in terms of choosing the right resource. Most of them are in parts while a lot of others are not authentic or useful. Considering this dilemma, I have prepared a list of 15 websites where you can learn AngularJS in a professional way. Some of these websites offer free resources but if you want to pursue an advanced course, then you need to shell out a few bucks.

Alright, so here is the list of 15 Websites to Learn AngularJS.

Text Tutorials

1. TutorialsPoint


TutorialsPointTutorialsPoint offers a text-based course explaining the basic programming concepts and components of AngularJS. You can easily learn to develop AngularJS web applications with this course. The course is designed for software professionals having a basic knowledge of JavaScript, Ajax, HTML and CSS.

2. Thinkster


Thinkster provides an extensive AngularJS curriculum for people with a background of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and MVC (Model-view-controller) concepts. The curriculum covers important AngularJS aspects, such as binding, promises, filters, directives, routing, testing and more.

3. MediaLoot


MediaLoot has developed a beginner’s course for learning AngularJS. Its text-based tutorial provides training on writing simple codes and creating a module that represents an AngularJS application.

4. AngularJS


Google’s official website for AngularJS is a good place to kickstart your journey towards learning AngularJS. The site has useful text-based learning material supported by videos as well as other literature on the topic.

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5. Year of Moo


Year of Moo has a text-based introductory tutorial that explains everything about the basic features of AngularJS. It is a good resource to learn in detail about what exactly AngularJS is and how you can use it in application development.

6. AirPair

Todd Motto’s

Todd Motto’s highly insightful tutorial on AngularJS is definitely worth checking out. This text-based tutorial imparts AngularJS framework knowledge covering topics, such as dynamic routing, form validation, server communication, templating and more.

7. Intro to Angular

Curran Kelleher’s

Curran Kelleher’s AngularJS tutorials are a perfect way to learn AngularJS with practical examples. It has two video tutorials covering around 50 examples of single-page app development concepts, foundational libraries and other AngularJS features. You can check out the source code examples on GitHub.

Some Ebooks

8. Recipes with AngularJS


An E-book authored by Frederik Dietz, Recipes with AngularJS offers conceptual knowledge and practical techniques for AngularJS web application development.

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9. Practical AngularJS


Practical AngularJS is an E-book authored by Dinis Cruz and is based on his various AngularJS related blog posts. The E-book shows practical examples for using AngularJS in different scenarios and platforms, such as Karma JS, Firebase, Eclipse and O2 platform.

10. Recipes with AngularJS<


This e-book is a perfect resource for experts and beginners who want to explore everything about the AngularJS framework. It is authored by Ari Lerner, a recognized expert in AngularJS and comes in three versions to suit the different requirements of various learners.

Video Tutorials

11. Udemy


Udemy offers a complete AngularJS course comprising 54 instructional video lectures that cover various important topics. The course takes you through the fundamental concepts behind developing single-page web applications using AngularJS.

12. CodeSchool

Code School’s

Code School’s ‘Shaping up with AngularJS’ is a great way to learn AngularJS app development. The course contains 12 videos lessons that explain the core concepts of built-in and custom directives, forms, services and more. Moreover, you will enjoy its game-based learning environment.

13. Eduonix


Eduonix offers a comprehensive AngularJS course having a project-based approach. The course features instructional video tutorials and abundant resources that will help you to become a professional application developer using AngularJS and MEAN stack.

14. Egghead


Egghead is resourced with several short video tutorials covering basic concepts of AngularJS and its utility in application development. It has basic introductory guides and video lessons on individual topics as well.

It takes a lot of dedication for self-learners to understand any new topic. That is why, I have listed down various video tutorials, e-books and other resources to simplify your learning process.

I hope you will find this list useful. You can prefer any mode of learning as long as you are comfortable. But, try not to refer to different resources simultaneously to avoid any confusion. If you have used or are referring to any other resource for learning AngularJS, be it a video tutorial or an e-book, then you can share more information about it in the comments box below. Good Luck!