15 Best ways to learn Hadoop

Before we begin to know the resources to learn Hadoop let us first know what is big data Hadoop? Hadoop is a framework used to implement big data. To get comfortable with Hadoop there are two basic things you need to understand which are storage of file and processing of data. With Hadoop it is even possible to store files which are larger than the available space. Hadoop gives you an option of storing big files on a node. The processing of such a huge amount of data is no joke but Hadoop makes your life easier by introducing MapReduce”. MapReduce is a framework which is meant for processing the data. MapReduce process the data at lightning speed thereby saving you a lot of time.

Hadoop has proven its worth because of the unique feature set it comes equipped with. The features that it offers are:-

Easy to Scale: Hadoop is a scalable storage platform which can distribute data on thousands of distributed node and cheap servers which can run parallel to each other.
Flexibility: Hadoop does not put any restriction to the type of data or data sources. It can be easily used with clickstream data, fraud detection, email conversations, social media and log processing.
Cost Effective: The major problem faced by traditional storage systems was that it was very costly but with Hadoop the cost savings are stunning.

Almost all major IT giants are using Hadoop to manage their data. Some noteworthy companies which use Hadoop are Amazon, Adobe, Alibaba, Cloudspace, EBay, Facebook, IBM, Yahoo, Twitter and many more.

With Hadoop becoming so popular it has opened up gates for lots of exciting opportunities. So in order to master in Big Data and Hadoop we bring you a list of 15 best ways to learn Hadoop Technology.

Text Tutorials on Hadoop

1) Tutorial Point

The tutorial point has a reputation of providing excellent tutorials and it stand out on its name this time as well. It provides brief tutorials with a quick glimpse of big data, Hadoop distributed file system and MapReduce algorithm so that it becomes easy to study Hadoop for beginners. This tool can be referred by ETL developers, Software professionals and analytics professionals.

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2) Core Servlets

Core Servlets provides a self-explanatory tutorials for learning Hadoop. Each section has an exercise and their corresponding solutions which can be learned without any help. These tutorials are an excellent choice for users who comfortable with the concepts of Java. These tutorials provide an in-depth knowledge of Hadoop.

3) Vogella

Vogella provides a short tutorials for learning Hadoop. It starts by summarizing Hadoop by giving an overview, tasks that can be performed using Hadoop and provides a glimpse of writing map and reduce functions. It covers some basic topics such as file system, map reduce and their installation guide.

4) Guru99

Guru99 provides an in-depth tutorials based on Hadoop. It has made learning Hadoop very easy by the use of examples and graphs wherever required. It offers one of the most simplified tutorials based on Hadoop. The topic covered in tutorials are Introduction, installation, map reduce and also takes a practical approach by introducing some code and explaining it.

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5) Hortonworks

Hortonworks offers excellent tutorials on Hadoop. Apart from providing tutorials it also provides certification on Hadoop. This certification gives recognition to professionals looking to make a career in this technology. It covers a wide range of topics which are covered in depth.

Hadoop Training Videos tutorials

6) Udemy

Udemy has been into this business of providing technical video tutorials for quite some time and the experience shows. It makes learning fun by clearly explaining each and every aspect with Hadoop certification at completion of course. A beginner with no knowledge of Hadoop can also setup and grasp knowledge in Hadoop easily. Even some of the advance concepts like MapReduce have also been explained with ease.

7) Eduonix

The course has been created by highly trained professionals who have put in their best foot forward to provide you thorough big data and Hadoop training. They offer more than 74 lectures and 15.5 hours of content. It stress on clearing the core concepts and thoroughly explains the unique concepts like MapReduce. The course is a definite boost for somebody looking to make a career in Hadoop.

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8) Simplilearn

The course is clearly defined, well-structured and can be understood by even any non-technical person from different background. You can also opt for certification on Hadoop which will help you in differentiating yourself amongst the herd. This online Hadoop training course starts with introduction of Hadoop, explaining architecture and goes into advance concepts as course moves on.

9) Edureka

The pre requisite of the course is that you need to have some knowledge of core Java and luckily Edureka provides complimentary course on “Java Essentials for Hadoop”. For performing practical you can setup Edureka virtual machine in your system or if your system doesn’t meet up requirements you can have remote access to Edureka cluster. The remarkable thing about this course is that they have an excellent support team to answer your queries.

Hadoop books

10) Hadoop Operations by Eric Sammer

Hadoop Operations by Eric Sammer
This book perfectly explains the way to setup and maintain a Hadoop cluster. It puts in even the minute of the details and also takes a close look at OS level tunings. It also explains the most advanced topics such as MapReduce, HDFS architecture, YARN execution models and cluster configuration.

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11) Professional Hadoop Solutions by Boris Lublinsky

Professional Hadoop Solutions by Boris Lublinsky
This book starts with MapReduce programming and has  3 chapters dedicated on it which provides an in-depth knowledge. Some topics such as Oozie which are very important while developing large scale processing systems are also explained in a very simplified manner. Rarely any books cover topics such as Oozie but this book does justice by explaining each and every concept of Hadoop.

12) Hadoop the Definitive Guide by Tom White

Hadoop the Definitive Guide by Tom White
This is very popular book among Hadoop developers and some even refer it as a bible of Hadoop. This book is not at all meant for novice aiming to learn Hadoop. The starting chapters of this book are critical to understand and requires an in-depth revision. Once you get through those initial chapters and move forward it is then that you realise the worth of this book.

13) Map Reduce design pattern by Donald Miner and Adam Shook

Map Reduce design pattern by Donald Miner and Adam Shook
This book makes you at ease by summarizing the concepts and providing a wide range of examples for each of them. It is not meant for beginners and you must have at least some understanding of cloud and Hadoop before you begin reading this book. It consolidates all map reduce algorithms at one place and is a must read for an aspiring developer.

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14) Hadoop in Action by Chuck Lam

Hadoop in Action by Chuck Lam
The book has a very simple approach to explain things and can be understood even by the beginner. The first three chapters of this book covers basics of Hadoop, the next three chapters focus on MapReduce algorithms and after that book offers 5 general MapReduce techniques.

15) Pro Hadoop by Jason Venner

Pro Hadoop by Jason Venner
This book doesn’t allow you to fall in pitfalls of programming by familiarising you with common mistakes to be avoided and how to troubleshoot those problems. It is a perfect book for newbies because of the wide range of topic it covers in a simplified way.

With the rise in cloud computing and lack of data management resources. There needs to be a technology which provides an answer and Hadoop has done exactly that. The future of Hadoop is very bright and professionals looking for growth in their careers should grab this opportunity by learning Hadoop courses online. So, hopefully after going through the list compiled above, you must have found the best resource which suits your requirement.

Are you also looking forward for training in Hadoop; then you must have something to add to this list. Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know of some more resources to learn big data and Hadoop.