When it comes to office work each one of us has to perform certain duties of management even if we are not appointed on the post of management. And it is not just about the office work merely. We go through several tasks on day to day basis in our daily life that requires management. Management is not just limited now to the corporate world, instead, it has indulged in our very lives and it is in best interests to learn the simplest principles of managing people and the environment, in which one functions.

There is no ‘right’ management style because people work differently and understand different kinds of languages. When the system of management is too hard the behavior of employees is resentment but when the system of management is too soft the behavior of employees towards being lazy and leaving today’s work tomorrow. Now certain people function well in the hard management system while there are some that function well in the soft management system and there must be some that function well in neither the hard system nor the soft system but somewhere in between of both of these. Therefore, the manager must first understand his/her employees and then manage accordingly.

There is no right or wrong in management systems. As explained above certain people respond to certain systems in a much better way than the other. However, in a much broader view, there are some of the management processes that are some ways of management that are ‘wrong’ that should be avoided by apply effective and efficient management techniques

Keep Your Promises

The core of being a successful manager is being consistent. Do what you say once and then keep on following it. A good manager is trustworthy, and this trust can only be developed if the manager is moral enough to keep his/her words. Reward the employees for certain activities that at the end of the day give the organization benefit of growth and better being. If the employees repeat such desirable behavior reward them over and over again. Being consistent creates a positive and strong image of the management among the followers.

Have An Asset And Liability Mindset

There are certain people in every organization that create several problems in the normal day to day activities however at the end of the day they somehow manage to bring greater benefits than the problems they had previously created. On the other hand, certain people bring more problems to the table than benefits. And some do not create noticeable problems but play a big role in generating value for the organization.

Now being a manager it is hard to manage people without whom the organization can function a great deal better. Therefore, it is better to categories the employees in terms of assets or liabilities. At the stage of employee evaluation, one is when evaluating their performance, take a moment, and categorizing their performance concerning asset or liability. And you would be amazed by the amount of unnecessary burden the organization has on its shoulders.

Focus On Working As A Team

Giving tasks to just one individual breed limited mentality which in turn generates a limited approach towards solving problems and working on tasks. On the other hand, giving a task to a group of individuals working together generates some approaches for solving problems.

Besides in this modern age working as a team and facilitating creative solutions is all one can ask for. However, building a perfect team can be quite a task therefore it is necessary to choose the most flexible and rational people for the perfect solution of team A.

The More Communication The Better It Is

The most errors that happen in the official environment are because of lack of communication. Either the job tasks are not thoroughly communicated among employees or they are not shared via a proper medium. Whatever the reason is, this is the reason why the largest amount of time and resources are wasted. Thus, whenever communicating information to employees think of them as children. Children need to be communicated properly. It is better to use two or more mediums of communication such as emails and fax so that the employees must not get any chance to miss the information. Other than that, using symbolic means of communication can be of great significance. 

For instance, many times the information is forwarded into the wrong hands because people have a hard time identifying the task associated with people. Would it not be easy if them people of concern would be identified with the help of a lanyard or a badge? A custom lanyard to be more precise. Say team A would be identified with the help of lanyards that are red while team B would be identified with the help of a blue lanyard. Here communication would be non-verbal but more effective and recognizable. However, finding the right place such as 4inlanyards for the right lanyards at affordable rates can be tricky and particularly difficult when it comes to custom or printed lanyards. But the concept of symbolic communication is error-free and worth a try.