Maintaining a focus on business procedures and clients is a challenging task. However, there is one thing that you shouldn’t neglect, no matter the state of your schedule. We are talking about your business’s cybersecurity.

There are hundreds of cybersecurity risks that your business faces as soon as your employees turn on their computers and go online. Your sensitive business data, banking information, and client records are at stake here. Instead of throwing cash into the all-in-one cybersecurity solution, consider integrating several cybersecurity layers to protect your venture from various threats. Here are five cybersecurity solutions every business must have in its arsenal. 

Backup Often and Regularly

Having backups of your data allows businesses to be more at ease about any data losses or corruption. If you set up dedicated storage for all your information, you will be able to retrieve any document you need. Hence, backing up is one of the best practices that you can follow. At first, people used USB flash drives to preserve valuable information. However, with the rise of cloud storage, you can find more user-friendly options. After all, you can lose your USB stick but will be able to access data online at any given time. 

With the rising threat of ransomware attacks, your data can become leverage that hackers use to extort money. If they access your system, they can encrypt your data and ask you to pay the ransom to get it back. Also, some types of malware and viruses can corrupt the data on your system and make it impossible to use any further.  

Protect Your Accounts with 2FA

It appears that two-factor authentication (2FA) is still not as valued as it should be. Your employees use their usernames and passwords daily to get access to accounts. If you are unable to maintain a strong password policy, your best friend should be two-factor authentication. 

While it is one of the simplest cybersecurity solutions, two-factor authentication can save you from a lot of trouble in the long run. It adds another security layer to your business accounts. To access them, employees will have to type in their passwords and a randomly generated string of letters and numbers. Even if your employees use weak passwords or someone learns their passwords, two-factor authentication will prevent intruders from accessing vulnerable accounts. 


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a cybersecurity solution that takes a unique approach. It should not be confused with anti-virus programs or firewalls. However, some VPNs can have features to protect users from malicious files or links. 

The main purpose of a VPN is to encrypt all web traffic. Even if hackers manage to penetrate through your security walls, the information won’t bring them profit. Instead, they will receive encrypted data that requires decryption. Since such a process can be expensive on the hackers’ end, they are more likely to turn the other way. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and employees turn to remote work to maintain productivity, resulting in increased use of Telecommuting
Technologies. However, this sudden shift revealed how unprepared people are in terms of cybersecurity. Many employees used unsecured networks and failed to take advantage of free protection options. Beyond your work environment, employees should consider getting a decent VPN to protect all their online affairs.

Use Cloud-Based Security Solution

Cloud-based endpoint cybersecurity solutions are perfect for businesses. Instead of investing in an on-premises solution and wasting cash on unnecessary features, you can get a custom solution. It can be a solution that meets your unique business needs and tackles specific cybersecurity threats. 

Cloud-based security suits are developed with business needs in mind. These are very solid tools able to protect you from all threat types and numerous attack vectors. The best thing about them is that they are cloud-based. What does it mean?

You won’t have to spend your budget and invest in hardware or additional software procurement. The entire anti-virus suite is run on a remote server, and the provider takes care of all the provisioning and maintenance. 

Firewall as Proactive Defense System

The moment your business goes online, it becomes a potential target for hackers. A firewall is another proactive step that you can take to secure your assets and protect your business from cyberattacks. Over the years, the firewall has become a fundamental part of every network. A properly set up firewall will keep your entire network and computers safe. Your business will be protected from hackers and malicious software, including malware and spyware. 

Most of the high-end firewall solutions are scalable so that you can continue using the same firewall, whether you down- or up-scale your operation. While the IT sector delivers a variety of digital solutions for businesses, their usage exposes companies to cybersecurity threats. The solutions we’ve listed for you will help you establish excellent practices and protect your venture from online attacks.

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