In 5 Steps Learn- How To Rock on Twitter 1.1_785

Twitter is taking the social media scene by storm. If you want to get yourself out there & brush shoulders with the high & mighty, the easiest way is via twitter. You no longer have to deal with hordes of minions just to get through to your favorite politician, singer, actor, model & anyone famous. Just @ them & tweet away, your tweets will hit their phone & buzz with your words sprawled over their screen. Make sure you do it right the first time, as they say first impression can be your last. You have 1 tweet & 140 characters to tell the other person that you’re intelligent & worthy enough to appear on that person’s timeline when you tweet. So let’s walk you through, how you can tweet & tweet wisely so that you build a respectable & reputable twitter portfolio.

First Step – GET Followers

How can you do it, well there are many ways. The best thing that you can do it is to keep testing what kind of tweets get you the most interaction. Keep one thing in mind though, if you’re a conformist you won’t get that much fanfare on twitter. If you’re a non-conformist with a twitter worthy swag trust me you will be an instant hit. Twitter is like a contemporary media, if you want to get noticed above the saturated twitter eco system, you’ve got to bring in a fresh unorthodox perspective. AND if ALL of this sounds too much Fiverr is always there to buy followers, it will help your potential followers to get over the psychological barrier of following only KEWL ppl..

Second Step – Tweet Regularly

Yes… AND regularly means every single day! Make it a habit, your life can’t be that boring!!! I mean there must be something you’re good at but even if that’s not the case & you’ve a giant L plastered on your forehead, tweeting about stuff that makes you a bonafide loser will also get you a couple thousand followers @averagelifegoals

Being on your followers’ timeline TL is very important, you need to constantly remind them that you exist, you’re on their TL & that you tweet read worthy-interaction worthy stuff. With the Twitter’s What’s Happening (Mobile) & While You Were Away (Desktop) features – your tweets make it to the top of your followers’ TL no matter how long ago you tweeted. Twitter algorithm does it for you based on how often someone interacts with a twitter handle.

Step Three – Engage

Twitter has a very interesting ecosystem. There are different category of followers, completely different from Instagram & Facebook. There are listeners and there are speakers-there are those who quietly consume the influx of information & data in form of tweets. AND then there are star players, those who run this sh*t, they set trends, they can get a debate going & a Retweet from them can make you an overnight twitter sensation. So the lesson here is that you not only engage with your followers, if they ever @ you then you have to respond & respond quickly but you also need to talk to those twitter power players – they are the movers & shakers of twitter trends or the Alpha & Omega. Try to respond to their tweets as often possible, follow them, RT them & favorite them. They might follow you, they might RT you & they might respond. The keyword here is might, therefore don’t give up if you don’t succeed in the beginning. Keep trying, you will make it there some day & when you do, it will be totally worth all the BS you had to put up with.
Step Three – Engage

Step Four – Tweet Sensibly or Develop a Method to Your Madness

While in Instagram it is quite easy to garner attention and followers and you don’t even have to post a real live actual picture, but instead can go online & copy stuff & post it BAM! Make it your own. But on twitter you can’t copy peoples’ Tweets… That’s a big NO, people will figure this out & when they do, get ready to become the butt of all jokes. That’s like a forbidden fruit, you eat that & you’re out of twitter heaven & yeah such thing exists. SO for twitter make the 140 characters worth a 1000 words. You have to learn the art of putting the genie in the bottle, you have to be articulate or intelligent enough to get across a very complex thought in just 140 characters. Its an Art; I know it, let’s face it not all of you are that bright. SO how you do that well, try to imitate & that doesn’t mean copy, try to see, absorb the style, grammar, vocabulary & articulation from the star tweeters. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about global warming you can put an interesting spin on your mom joke but try your hand on it & see how it goes. It will take a while but over time, you will get a hang of it. I guess where you can start is to write a tweet & then think how your favorite star twitter can tweet this thought. There you go!
Step Four – Tweet Sensibly or Develop a Method to Your Madness

Step Five – Tweet For a Larger Audience! Tweet Generically

Twitter is a very strong medium for getting your point across and it means points from all divides. It’s an equal level playing field. Socialists, Capitalist, Liberals, Conservatives, Bible Thumping Catholics, Keyboard Jihadis, Nerds or Beauty Pageants, no matter what you are you can definitely find your niche. You can also tweet about things that are common between all of these poeple.

All you require to master any or all of the five steps mentioned above it to study your market and trust me you will gain traction on twitter. You will get a cult following & the numbers span in 1000s. So choose a niche and then follow the five steps explained above but don’t limit yourself to your target audience, do engage on some level with users from all spheres. Twitter is ofcourse not a place to ensue a meaningful debate, but it’s definitely a place to nudge it in a certain direction. With a little time and practice you will be on your way to being a tweeting fanatic.