You could say that each and every one of us look at marketing from a different perspective, and that is just fine. I do however think that some of the traits we share, and when it comes to being a better social media user, we usually can agree upon certain ways of doing things, that can help us drive more business and engagement.

I recently published an blog post on how to use Twitter for making an impact on your business, and in that post I shared 23 crucial tips for doing so. This infographic takes a look at some of the more known ways of increasing your followers count, and overall having higher engagement rate that will lead to more customers and sales.

I’m myself now practicing the last advice on this infographic, about leaving space for retweets. You should pay attention to the size of the tweets you’re sharing, sometimes people want to add their own little comment.

Top 7 Ways to Engage Your Community on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

source by OPENForum