7 Feasible Marketing Tips for eCommerce Business Owners

We could dive into a full-scale marketing guide on how-to attract, produce and sustain customers for the next ten years or so. We could also look back at some of the crucial and practical marketing steps we should have set in place a long time ago.

Are you struggling with getting more clients, or business just isn’t performing like it should?

In this post I am going to go over some of the basic and necessary advice we need to put in place in order to run a successful eCommerce business. Customers can sometimes be a real pain in the neck, but we can minimize such incidents by following these 7 feasible marketing tips.

Focus on the Store Design

I’ve recently published a post about web design trends 2014 and you should definitely take a look to learn about some of the important design changes we’re seeing, and what people are after when they visit a new website, or in this case an eCommerce store.

Make it extremely easy to navigate and find products, this will help keeping clients in check. The more clutter you’re presenting, the higher are the chances of a visitor (potential customer) leaving the store.

Code of Conduct

You can use the above tip to emphasize your terms and policy, to help customers better understand what they are going to be getting, and what the price margins are. It’s best to explain everything in professional, yet easy to understand manner where it’s visible, than have to deal with refunds and uncalled for feedback in the future.

Emphasize Your Values as a Business

There are probably more business out there that sell something similar to what you’re already selling, by speaking to customers and delivering a clear message as to why you’re better and should be their only choice, focus on delivering your values to the customer the moment they visit your eCommerce store.

You can use banners and other stuff to offer deals and freebies, those things always spark trust in customers – which is what it’s all about.

Spread Across All of the Mediums

Don’t limit your business to just one media channel like your store itself, and the blog you have on it. Really go the extra mile and start producing quality videos, eBooks and even visual content like infographics. All of that is not only a good way to spread the word about your brand, it will also help to gain more customers through word of mouth and search engine optimization. It’s a win-win situation.

Reply to Everyone in Unique Manner

I’ve seen this step being missed by so many businesses. They enter the market, start making thousands of dollars in revenue – but they forget that one day it’s going to be over, if they don’t try keeping their customers and their trust. There is always someone waiting to take advantage of such businesses, and try and kick them out of the market.

Build trust and relationships by being unique with each customers, take them out to dinner or lunch if you have to. Going that extra mile is not only going to help improve your image, it will help to acquire more customers as people love to talk about things like who made their life better. It could be you.

Give Away Free Stuff

This will help to build followers on your social media platforms. You should try and deliver at least one contest or giveaway every month, to help people remember about you as someone who is generous and have a nice product that they’d like to get their hands on. There are people who rather participate in giveaways and then make a decision on the product and the brand.

It can only help you, and generally it’s called ‘cheap marketing’, something that pays for itself rather quickly.

Be Amazing and Confident

Build something that you’ll want to work on after ten years will have passed. Do you really want to sell your business? Focus on what’s new in industry and always adjust accordingly.

Provide a service that customers will have a hard time forgetting. Each little notion of kindness and generosity can go an incredibly long way.

Marketing Tips for eCommerce Business Owners

This all is just talk if we don’t act upon this advice. It’s okay to take advice. It’s also okay to fail and then get up and try again. At least the next time you’ve learned something and it’s much easier.

I’ve seen eCommerce sites succeed and fail, but those that did succeed – followed these feasible and simple to follow marketing tips, and it made their businesses grow and flourish naturally.