The most effective way that you can reach a potential customer is through email, and for that reason, your email letter design requires special attention. These designs work very well in getting attention and generating buzz that could change a campaign. Such designs need a little bit of planning and some HTML skills, which many web designers have. If you have always wanted to capture the attention of your audience, you need to come up with amazing designs that look great, suit your brand and those that you are sure will interest your email readers. Here are some great ideas that can inspire your designs:

1. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal
This is different in terms of design from what you will see in many email newsletter designs. It has minimal written content, but is able to get the message across with ease using visual content. With this kind of design, you can easily sell your brand to the right target. Looking at the visual elements immediately tells you what to expect from this customer.

2. Whiskey Militia

Whiskey Militia
This is a creative design that has so many small elements with detail. It is the kind of design that will send the message across in a simple manner, even without the need for the interested people to go through the entire email. It can also prompt one to go on reading because of the clever use of colors, fonts and calls to action. If you want your emails to stand out from everything else, this is the kind of email newsletter design you should use. Look at the elements, and you will know how to customize your own offering.

3. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters
From the design, it is clear that the email is from a clothing company. Furthermore, the typography that has been used and the imagery as well reveals that this is a newsletter which is targeted towards young people. This is a design that can capture the attention of this target. It looks fresh and cool which means that it is more likely to be read when received. This design can inspire a designer to create a newsletter that is hard hitting and straightforward, yet still effective in communication the required message.

4. Team Worx

Team Work
The first thing that stands out about this newsletter is the bold use of color. In addition, it encourages interaction due to the buttons that call for action. The design looks great and it will definitely interest the person who will receive the email. The information presented is quite clear, and one can easily be interested to read on the whole newsletter for more details. Be assured that the right audience will get the right message if you choose to use such a design on your emails.

5. MyWardrobe

My Wardrobe
This is another great looking email newsletter design that has a retro feel. The designer used the right kind of graphic, which is jeans, to show exactly what the company deals with through text. The jeans have cleverly been used to highlight the words that the newsletter intends to stand out. The color combination and the design layout is perfect as well. This design sends the message right across even before the audience get to read the email. It is also modern and simplistic, and the lined background brings back nostalgia for those who have completed their education.

6. Nation Toys

Nation Toy
The color, the pattern and the graphics are perfect for this kind of newsletter. You can easily tell the kind of emotion that the design is trying to express and this is what will keep your target reading on to find out more information about the brand. The color for instance speaks strongly about the brand, and it is warm to the eyes of many online shoppers. It can change your mood in an instant and create some interest in the products you are trying to sell. With the signature texts, one can easily get the message with no strain.

7. Postbox

Post Box
This is another great looking email newsletter design that you can choose for your website. It is ideal for any kind of business person that was to keep updating client’s product offerings with every email. With such a design, you should be able to include all the new changes that you have made and some of the new products that they could be interested in. Your clients need not to go through the trouble of finding updates on their own which is just great as it means they will go through the newsletter in detail.

8. Percept

This interesting design uses color and great elements to capture the attention of its target. It is a great looking deign that will give your brand a new kind of look. If you want to each out to the right people fast, this is a good design to try out. Other than the graphics and the color, the right information is at the right place, therefore they will easily be able to discern what the brand is all about.

9. Art Dcore

Art Dcore
When you need a minimalistic design that is creative and expressive, then this is one that will fit the bill. From the look of the design, one can easily tell that the brand is all about art and creativity, therefore your readers do not have to think much in order to get the message. When a receiver opens an email newsletter with this or a similar design, they are more likely to read it than to send it to their junk email folder.

Email newsletter designs have great impact on the brand, therefore if you want to reach out faster to the right target, you need a great design that can sell your brand with ease. It has to be interesting, great looking and eye catching in order to prompt your target audience to read on to the end of the email for the message that you are sending across. Creativity is highly required here and these design examples can inspire yours so much.