What Do We Understand by Big Data?

Big data is a collection or compilation of a vast amount of data. It comes in a considerable volume and grows exponentially in size with time. It includes complex and essential information. Such data cannot get stored or processed efficiently by conventional data handling and management tools. In other words, big data involves a field used to treat various ways of analyzing data. Also, it helps to extract information systematically and deals with the sets that are too complicated or large. 

In today’s world, the industry related to big data is one of the most rapidly growing sectors. It serves as a crucial component of several modern businesses and large enterprises. It can get owed to its ability to enable such companies to make informed and careful corporate decisions. Data visualization and big data analysis fulfills numerous applications in multiple sectors like media, marketing, information technology, healthcare, etc. 

What are the 9 Online Resources to Look for Information on Big Data?

Big data has increased the demand for talented IT professionals, data scientists, and software developers in the job market. For that reason, more and more people keep getting interested in the field and its related subjects. Thus, they look for online resources. They can provide relevant information on big data. These learning enthusiasts provide significant articles, trending news, valuable tutorials, and various solutions. All people can find a colossal number of educational updates, case studies, articles, and reports that can help them learn more about big data. 

Let us discuss 9 online resources that can help an individual look for information on big data.

  • Datanami

Datanami is one of the most significant online resource websites that aid in seeking valuable information and recent news associated with big data and its industry. The site publishes various articles dedicated to supplying constructive and insightful information. They remain related to the different and distinct big data frameworks, software applications, and processing tools. Moreover, Datanami posts news and updates on the latest solution providers, market trends, case scenario reports, and so on about the industry. 

  • Cloudera Engineering Blog

Cloudera is a notable provider in the market as it gives deployment solutions related to Apache Hadoop. It offers multiple software applications, including CDH and Impala. They provide services for big data management, processing, and distribution. A section of the website, named Cloudera Engineering Blog, uploads the most recent blogs on diverse big data technologies. It consists of Apache HBase, Apache Hadoop, and many more. The blogs posted on the website feature various constructive tutorials, webinar series, and posts. They also entail information on programming languages such as R, Python, Microsoft Azure, etc. 

  • Hue

Hue serves as a web interface application used to analyze big data. It features several informative blog posts and documentation. They can get accessed by using Hue query editors with technologies like HBase, Spark, Solr, etc. In addition, the application provides recent and frequent tutorials, published posts, and valuable articles under its blog page. They touch upon popular categories like Hive programming, security, YARN, MapReduce, model governance, HDFS, etc. 

  • Simplilearn Solutions

Simplilearn Solutions is a leading and notable education company that operates online. It provides numerous certificate courses in diverse subjects. They can consist of business management, technology, digital marketing, software development, etc. On top of that, it provides a broad range and category of educational resources. It consists of webinar series, e-books, and video tutorials. In addition, Simplilearn Blog offers several informative and valuable online destinations. They come to use for reading appealing news, articles, and updates. They can be on various topics such as big data technologies, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and data science. 

  • The HortonWorks Blog

HortonWorks serves as a leading competitor in the market for Hadoop technology solutions. Its blog page, The HortonWorks Blog, provides several valuable and informative articles on multiple case scenarios related to big data. In addition to that, it features topics associated with data management and data science. The HortonWorks Blog is a famed online destination that provides different and distinct tutorials and articles. They remain related to applications of big data technologies such as Apache Ambari, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and many more. 

  • Converge Blog

MapR provides numerous big data processing solutions and analytics. They come based on multiple modern platforms and technologies, including MapR Converged Data Platform. Conversely, Converge Blog offers diverse posts, tutorials, and tips on notable software applications and frameworks, big data technologies, and use cases. The topics can consist of SQL, MapR streams, Apache Sqoop, machine learning tutorial with Apache Spark, etc. 

  • Information Week

Information Week serves as an online publication. It operates by getting driven by the community. It provides various informative articles and trending news. They can be on diverse technology topics. The website is highly renowned and gets followed by notable industry veterans, technology journalists, IT professionals, analysts, and researchers. Also, Information Week consists of nine virtual communities. They remain related to the Internet of Things, Software, Cloud, Big Data, and more. Overall, the website offers a substantial amount of material and information. It gets provided in the form or state of white papers, commentaries, forums, and reports. 

  • Xplenty

Xplenty is a leading provider and supplier of solutions. They are for data integration and big data processing. Also, they are cloud-based. The blog page of the company features a broad category of constructive posts. They remain related to famous big data use cases and solutions. Moreover, it offers various engaging, appealing, and trending topics. They come associated with Apache Hadoop, cloud storage, Google BigQuery, and relational databases. 

  • Microsoft Azure Blog

Microsoft Azure serves as a robust platform for cloud computing developed by Microsoft. It provides numerous technology solutions, encompassing data analytics, mobile application development, the Internet of Things, and business intelligence. Microsoft Azure Blog is a valuable online destination that provides informative blog posts and tutorials. They are about relevant topics and can fall under several categories like networking, virtual machines, database, security, and big data.

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