Studying could be even more difficult if it was not for online help. Many websites and tools exist to make your learning easier. Lots of these instruments are dedicated to writing since it is critically important for student progress evaluation.

Also, essay writing seems to be one of the most difficult types of assignments for students. It takes time not only to write the text but also to edit it according to all standards. This is why essay writing help provided by EssayHub and other essay writing companies is so much appreciated.

However, writing requires a more complex approach. If you want to be successful in writing, be it academic or blog writing, you should pay attention to readability, plagiarism, keyword density, and other stuff.

We’ve made a list of the best writing tools to help you with this task. Here it is:

Purdue Writing Lab

The most comprehensive information on writing and its rules can be found on the Purdue Writing Lab website. Here, you can learn about referencing, formatting, writing standards for different styles, etc.

The website is continuously updated. It explains recent changes and explains the fundamentals of academic writing. This website collects all the information on writing, research, grammar, and mechanics, so you can use it as an encyclopedia.

Thesis Generator

The thesis statements can be difficult to write if the topic is complex. However, the technologies went far, and now you can have your thesis statement generated in just a few seconds.

Thesis Generator collects the information it may need for a strong thesis from you. After analyzing and processing, the system responds with a perfect statement that can compete with your peers’ works.


It all starts with the quality of your writing. Obviously, it cannot be good if you make mistakes. Thus, before you proceed with other tools, start by identifying your weak spots. Grammarly will be very helpful in this.

This unique tool is not only sensitive to grammar issues, it also corrects spelling and stylistic mistakes. You can rely on the suggestion the system gives to you. Grammarly has proven its credibility for many people worldwide.

Premium account guarantees that you get the most comprehensive explanation concerning your writing issues so that you could improve your writing and bring it to a new level.

Hemingway Editor

If you worry about the readability of your text, check it with Hemingway App for free. It only takes a few seconds, and the system qualifies your essay according to its scale. All that is below 9 is considered as good to go. If your text ranks higher, you need to consider revising it.

However, it is important to point out that academic texts are okay to be difficult and complex. Many teachers do not consider readability to be a criterion of success. However, for creative essay and blog writing, readability is key.


This is another readability tool that can help you decide whether your text is good at sending the right message to your readers. Do not forget that the goal of writing is to make others understand your position. If they find the text confusing and dubious, this goal is hardly reached.

Tools like Read-Able calculate your score and suggest things to edit. When you finish this upgrade, your text will likely be easy-to-consume for the audience.

Plagiarism Detector

If you want to get a quick check on whether your paper is plagiarized or not, you can use the Plagiarism Detector. This is very easy to use tool that can help you define the parts that need referencing and get a free plagiarism report.

Since most college essays are below 1000 words, this tool will be available to you for free. If you need to check a larger word count, you’ll need to pay.


This tool is an alternative to the abovementioned plagiarism checker. Quetext is very sensitive to plagiarism. It shows the link where the information was taken from so that you could reference it right away.

However, this tool requires payment. Only a few checks are available for free for you to test the app. The rest, including long essays, will require you to pay for the service. The price reaches up to $10 per month.

Citation Machine

This tool was created to ease your pain when referencing. It can be quite difficult to find all the information for it, but there is nothing impossible for Citation Machine. It can easily form a correct reference for you. You only need to make sure the in-text referencing is correct.


Whenever you feel that your wording is weak, and you’d like to add more strength to the words you use, there is a tool for you. This innovative vocabulary builder will find the perfect word for your context. Just give it a try by downloading a free trial.

These are only a few tools and websites that every student should know about. The Internet is full of different useful instruments that you can find helpful. Writing is not so difficult if you know how to take advantage of all the benefits.

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