Artificial intelligence (AI) impersonates human intelligence on machines that are programmed to think and imitate human actions. The term can also be applied to any machine that exhibits features associated with the human mind such as reading, writing, hearing, understanding, decision making and problem solving.

It actually means the intelligence of the instrument. In other words, artificial intelligence is a method of measuring the ability of a device (such as a computer) to make a decision based on an event or a situation. The main feature of artificial intelligence is that it retrieves results by using its analyzing power.

One of the subsets of artificial intelligence is machine learning (ML), which undermines the idea that computer programs can automatically learn and adapt to new data without human assistance. Read on to know more…

Artificial Intelligence and Its Own Language

GPT-3 is an AI-based system that is specifically designed for writing. Ilya Sutskeve is a member of one of the teams in the GPT-3 development system. In an interview with New York Times, Ilya Sutskeve talked about the details pertaining to the work of GPT-3.

As GPT-3 is designed to place good words one after another to make a complete sentence while it is not related to many grammatical rules, the writing is very similar to human writers. But, there is a lack of purpose in the writing with refined words which is needed for that specific topic. It just sets suitable words.

In responding to a command, GPT-3 begins to write and continues it irrespective of whether the sentence is correct or not. It also generates racist language or false information.

In July 2017, a chatbot was developed by Facebook’s AI team. During the testing session in a dummy game, the two robots began to generate their own creepy languages. These were meaningless words in a sentence that are incomprehensible. After decoding that language the FAIR team got that the language is special game codes generated by those two robot participants. Facebook stopped chatbots immediately to operate.

Aside from this situation, Google’s AI Translator app has been troubled by catastrophic errors, resulting in a temporary restriction from hotels and airlines. There are grammatical mistakes found in sentences.

OpenAI is a developer of many significant artificial intelligence systems. Their algorithms are excellent examples of supercomputing. The latest AI system by OpenAI is DALLE-E2.

Notably, DALLE-E2 can generate realistic or artistic images when a user enters textual details that a program can understand. But, it is strange that after receiving the command DALLE-E2 started generating its own language by random arrangements of letters.

Giannis Daras, from the University of Texas, teamed with his co-worker to experiment on DALLE-E2. He shared on Twitter the details of the language which DALLE-E2 generated during his experiment. When Daras instructed DALLE-E2 for the image of “farmers talking about vegetables,” the program uploaded a picture of the same. But, DALLE-E2 returned the word “vicootes,” which was unknown. The DALLE-E2 system gave the images of vegetables when he re-entered “vicootes” in the command box of DALLE-E2.

Also, DALLE-E2 replaced ‘birds’ with its own word “apoploe vesrreaitars”. It sends a bird image after receiving the command “apoploe vesrreaitars”.

In another experiment, DALLE-E2 created garbled characters when Daras gave the command “an image of the word aeroplane”.  When he fed the same garbled text into DALLE-E2, it showed the photo of an aeroplane.

Daras and his partner predicted that if left unattended, then DALLE-E2 could think of itself and generate its own code language which only DALLE-E2 understands.

Further, automatic writing checker (AWC), like Grammarly, is frequently used for the correction of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Several types of research have shown that these AWC tools do not deliver correct writing suggestions.

By analysing viable solutions to specific issues, artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) can provide feedback or instructions. PredPol, used by the police departments for crime predictions, is guided wrongly by repeatedly showing the places where there is a majority of black and brown people.  

In artificial general intelligence (AGI), data about the environment can be collected and evaluated more quickly. Many a time, incorrect weather forecasts and environmental conditions have been reported. For example, in areas where the majority of the population is black, the air is more polluted.

Besides, artificial super intelligence (ASI) is still under development and research is going on it. If man-made systems can surpass humans in the future by analyzing and making judgments or issuing instructions, this will be the ultimate of artificial intelligence. 

Notably, Twitter uses Twitter Autocrop to crop its users’ images and it is noticed that it crops wrongly and separates black people. Not just this, researchers found that some AI app autocompletes a male image by making the person wear a suit and recognize genders by the names giving wrong results.


Today advanced AI very easily performs millions of jobs within a second and can perform continuously at peak levels. Artificial intelligence has achieved remarkable success in voice recognition, image classification, autonomous cars, machine translation, legged locomotion, and question-answering. By acquiring these capabilities, these machines are not only in a position to play the role of our partner but have also started doing many of our tasks on their own, helping us to make better decisions due to their immense computing abilities

Nowadays, intelligent machines heat our food, wash our clothes, detect diseases that afflict our bodies, drive cars through heavy traffic and fly passenger planes from one corner of the world to another in our space. They are capable of taking vehicles to other planets of the solar system. From this, it is clear that the advantages of artificial intelligence technology are wide.

The great scientist Stephen Hawking said that when artificial intelligence will become better than humans in design, it will be able to upgrade itself by repetition. We will be facing the challenge of an explosion of intelligence and the end result of which will be machines that have intelligence far greater than ours.

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