The tech field is progressing rapidly, with newer software applications and development tools being released almost every day. Today, we are seeing innovative breakthroughs taking place in various technology fields like JavaScript libraries and frameworks, Node.js application development, Internet of Things, big data processing, WordPress development, HTML5 development, iOS programming and more. The face of technology is changing rapidly and it has introduced new career avenues for software developers. Hence, it is important for software professionals to stay updated on the latest technologies by learning new skills.

There are several options available for beginners as well as working professionals to learn any new technology. The internet is flooded with free as well as paid software development courses in a range of categories. Today, we have text tutorials, online coding exercises, e-books, blog tutorials, podcasts and more. But, these tutorials may not be beneficial for certain individuals who want to learn a certain technology in detail. Mastering a new technology requires a robust course curriculum which not only covers the latest topics in detail but also provides an opportunity for learners to gain practical knowledge of building real-world applications and working on real development projects.

Well, there are several online training companies out there like Code Academy, Coursera and Udemy which have established a name for themselves in the online education space. Some of the courses offered on these websites are extremely useful. But, if you are looking for a full-fledged course which is exclusively designed to impart complete training on any specific subject then you should check out Eduonix. Eduonix is an online education company which provides an e-learning platform for working professionals as well as beginners to learn a range of software development courses. The company has released several high-quality, instructional video courses on useful technology topics in the last few years. An important benefit of instructional video coaching is that students find the nature of instructor-led video tutorials very easy to grasp. It makes the whole learning experience interactive as well as interesting.

Eduonix courses have been met with tremendous success in the past and the good news is that the company is now offering a bunch of new software development courses at a discounted price. Eduonix is providing 10 different courses on trending technologies, which are relevant and important to learn in 2016. Ideally, the cost of these courses ranges between $99 and $199. But, Eduonix is offering an exciting discount deal exclusively to the readers of codecondo-staging.ytjh4n93-liquidwebsites.com wherein you can grab all these course for $10. It is rare to find a full-fledged technology course at such a discounted rate, which is why I am listing the names of these 10 courses offered by Eduonix in 2016, since I want the readers of codecondo-staging.ytjh4n93-liquidwebsites.com to make the most out of this learning opportunity.

These are some of the best online video courses in the market on modern technologies like JavaScript, Hadoop, Scala, ReactJS, WordPress and more. Moreover, at a mere price of $10, subscribers receive a lifetime access to the course material as well as a certificate of completion. These courses aim to deliver the best possible software training by embracing a project-based approach. Students get a chance to build real-world working applications by working on various projects. So, for all you learning enthusiasts out there, here is the list of Top 10 technology courses to learn at Eduonix in 2016.

1. Learn Plugin Development in WordPress by Building Projects

learn plugin
WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the market which allows business owners as well as individuals to develop and manage websites without having to worry about any technical knowledge. The reason why WordPress is popular is because of its vast and open-source repository of plugins maintained with the collective efforts contributed by the community of WordPress developers.

‘Learn Plugin Development in WordPress by building projects’ is a comprehensive course on learning to develop custom plugins for WordPress-powered websites and blogs. Embracing a project-based approach, the course teaches students to design useful WordPress plugins from scratch which allows extending the features of an existing WordPress blog or portfolio website. It allows learners to incorporate the various important features in a WordPress site by integrating plugins for image/video galleries, social sharing buttons with links, movie listings etc. The course features 52 video lectures in all, which covers plugin development for Youtube video gallery, Instragram photo list, to-do list, Facebook footer link and movie listings. Students that have basic knowledge of PHP and HTML can take this course.
Get Projects in WordPress plugins course at discounted rate of $10

2. ReactJS and Flux – Learn by Building 10 Projects

The importance of React.js in JavaScript application development has been acknowledged by several developers, large-scale companies and other technology enthusiasts. React.js is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook and is very useful for developing user interfaces of dynamic web applications. Similarly, Flux is an application architecture designed by Facebook for developing client-side web applications. When combined together, React.js and Flux simplifies scalability issues in MVC (Model-View-Controller) and utilizes unidirectional data flow.

Eduonix has designed a course which is exclusively aimed at teaching learners how to use these two technologies in conjunction for building real working applications.  ‘ReactJS and Flux – Learn By Building 10 Projects’ is an instructor-led video course featuring 60 video lectures. The course curriculum consists of 10 projects which involves building real applications, some of which include creating Bootstrap React Components, Github profile viewer, quiz application, Youtube video gallery, chat application using Socket.io and more. The only prerequisite to join this course is a basic understanding of JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML and CSS.
Get Projects in ReactJS and Flux course at discounted rate of $10

3. Fundamentals of Unix and Linux System Administration

fundamental of unix
For beginners, working professionals or even professional software developers, who are looking forward to learn in-depth about the fundamental concepts of Linux Administration, then this course is just for you. ‘Fundamentals of Unix and Linux System Administration’ is a comprehensive video course from Eduonix which imparts training on setting up and operating a complete backend infrastructure powered by Linux operating system. The course delivers professional training for mastering Linux/Unix Administration by presenting real-world building scenarios. The course curriculum features over a hundred video tutorials which cover relevant individual topics, such as package management, system boot, shell scripting guide, working with controlling processes, user management, kernel and shells, storage, security etc.  The requirement for this course is a basic understanding of Linux.
Get Unix and Linux Administration course at discounted rate of $10

4. Learn Scala Programming Language from Scratch

learn scala
Scala has recently become quite popular amongst developers as well as large companies for its efficiency in developing large mission-critical systems. The language has been adopted on large-scale projects by popular companies such as Intel and Twitter. Scala draws inspiration from both, object-oriented and functional programming paradigms and offers a multitude of features for developers. Moreover, Scala code can be executed on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Java libraries can also be incorporated in the Scala code.

Students who are interested in learning Scala development from the beginning can refer to Eduonix’s ‘Learn Scala Programming Language from Scratch’ video tutorial. It is an instructional training course that aims to teach the various practical applications as well as the fundamental features of Scala programming language. Students will learn in depth about several topics with practical examples, such as Scala development environment, Scala collections, function types, usage of Scala in Big Data projects and more. The course contains 23 lectures which span over 6 hours of video content.
Get Scala Programming course at discounted rate of $10

5. Learn to Build iOS9 Apps-The Complete Course for Coders

learn to build ios
With the advent of smartphones and mobile internet, mobile development is gaining huge prominence. The scope of mobile application development is growing rapidly with a major emphasis on the development of mobile games for touch devices and tablets, development of responsive websites, animation designing and more. Apple is a pioneer in the smartphone industry and its products, namely iPhones and iPads have become a huge success.

‘Learn to Build iOS9 Apps – The Complete Course for Coders’ is a course meant for iOS developers to learn a more professional method of developing applications for Apple’s latest operating system version, iOS 9. iOS 9 has introduced new and exciting features for Apple devices, including3D touch, multi-screen options, improved voice command (Siri) and more. Today, iOS developers have lucrative career opportunities, but in order to benefit from this trend, it is important for them to learn professional mobile application designing skills. This course from Eduonix provides training on the basic features of Swift programming language, features of iOS 9 and the latest technologies, such as UIStack View and SFSafari View Controller. This course is a must for iOS developers who want to leverage the power of iOS 9 features and develop iOS applications with modern features for Apple’s mobile platform. The course contains 49 iOS 9 tutorials which span over 7 hours of educational video content.
Get iOS9 buiding app course at discounted rate of $10

6. Projects in MongoDB – Learn MongoDB Building Ten Projects

project in mongodb
Database management is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s job market. MongoDB is a popular NoSQL-based database management system which is written in JavaScript. It is important for JavaScript developers to hold an expertise in using MongoDB, since MongoDB provides a robust database solution based on document-oriented schema.

Eduonix has designed an extensive course on MongoDB called as ‘Projects in MongoDB – Learn MongoDB Building Ten Projects’. The course allows students to receive practical training on the various features and applications of MongoDB by building projects and working on practical exercises and quizzes. The course includes a range of project-based exercises on useful MongoDB topics, such as using server-side JavaScript with MongoDB, Ad Hoc queries, indexing, file storage, replication and capped collections. With 66 video lectures in all, this course can be taken by anyone who has a basic understanding of JavaScript and NoSQL schema.
Get Projects in MongoDB course at discounted rate of $10

7. Learn Hadoop and Big Data by Building Projects

learn hadoop
Big data analytics is a niche career field for software developers. Talking about Big Data, one cannot miss out on Hadoop. Hadoop is an open-source technology for storing and processing big data across a cluster of servers or computers in a distributed environment. ‘Learn Hadoop and Big Data by Building Projects’ is a course that is specifically designed to provide hands-on training for dealing with the various big data use cases in the corporate world.

The course covers the relevant topics and technologies related to ‘Big Data Analytics’, such as MapReduce, Apache Pig, Apache Flume, Python, Apache Storm, Yarn and more. The course features 42 instructional video tutorials offering insights on individual topics through a project-based curriculum model. The course provides an opportunity for learners to build practical projects and gain professional knowledge about the real-world applications of using big data analytics technologies, such as Hadoop Analytics and NoSQL, Data Science with Hadoop Predictive Analytics, Visual Analytics with Apache Spark and more.
Get Projects in Hadoop course at discounted rate of $10

8. Learn Bootstrap Development By Building 10 Projects

learn bootscrap
Bootstrap is a widely used, responsive web development framework which facilitates front-end development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Bootstrap is a robust technology for building websites that support multiple platforms, modern browsers as well as various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Today, Bootstrap is quite popular amongst developers for its efficiency and ease of usage. Moreover, learning the Bootstrap framework is quite essential for front-end developers, which is why Eduonix has designed a course on learning Bootstrap development.

‘Learn Bootstrap Development By Building 10 Projects’ is a full-fledged course featuring 12 sections and 74 video tutorials explaining relevant, individual topics in detail. The course curriculum requires students to work on real projects, which involves building a variety of web applications using the Bootstrap framework. Some of the projects covered in the course are portfolio resume using SASS, social network template, photo gallery, E-commerce template, blog website and more. The only prerequisite required to join this course is to have a fair understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Get Projects in Bootstrap course at discounted rate of $10

9. Be A White Hat Hacker and Pen Tester

be a white hat
One of the most important concerns for software application developers is security. Today, online communication, private messaging, online data storage and online payment gateways have become vulnerable due to an increase in cybercrime. Security has become a crucial element in web application development and big corporate players are also keen on hiring professional ethical hackers. This is a very challenging field for software developers as it involves learning new tools and methodologies to protect the web from cyber threat. So, for anyone who is aspiring to make a career in this field, there is a professional course on security training on the Eduonix website.

The ‘Be a White Hacker and Pen Tester’ course covers a range of topics under its hood, such as ethical hacking concepts, real-world information gathering, scanning, detection evasion and more. The course also allows students to learn about the various security-related tools through practical demonstration, such as Metasploit, Scapy and WireShark. The course contains 25 video lectures and the basic requirement to take this course is a fair knowledge of web servers and technologies.
Get White Hat Hacking and Pen Testing course at discounted rate of $10

10. Learn Projects in JavaScript and jQuery

learn project in java
JavaScript is a popular web development technology that is growing exponentially. Its scope is increasing rapidly which makes it one of the most preferred programming languages to learn. Hence, working on real development projects is the only way to master this technology. ‘Learn Projects in JavaScript and jQuery’ is one such course which allows novice as well as expert JavaScript developers to learn in-depth about professional web development using JavaScript as well as jQuery, which is an important JavaScript library.

The course allows students to build real-world applications using JavaScript and allows them to hone their web application development skills. Learners get to work independently on 10 different projects and build a range of applications in JavaScript, including a YouTube search engine, an accordion slider, a JavaScript quiz, an image slider, jQuery plugin development, jQuery mobile application and more. With 50 video lectures, the course is useful for gaining practical knowledge about JavaScript programming. Since it is an advanced course, a basic understanding about JavaScript, HTML and CSS will be helpful to take this course.
Get Projects in JavaScript course at discounted rate of $10

It is important for software developers to learn new skills and technologies in order to gain a competitive edge in today’s corporate world. Moreover, these courses will also allow working professionals and beginners to learn in-depth about new technologies and emerging software development trends. I am sure that learning enthusiasts will benefit a lot from these courses as it will help them build a strong foundation of practical knowledge, give a boost to their career prospects and prepare them to tackle new challenges more efficiently. So, to all you learning enthusiasts out there, I just want to say that make the most out of this learning opportunity this year at Eduonix and have a great time learning new skills. Good Luck.