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The modern developers aim at creating something new regularly. Every month or two delivers the launch of a new technology. By the time, only something effective and actually from the core stays. The others that are derived and not well managed get eliminated quite soon. But it doesn’t seem with Node.js. After its introduction in 2009, it has become quite mature now and its popularity is growing immensely. Not only for the startups but also for the giants it is becoming a pretty choice.

Node.js is an open source platform for creating applications that uses JavaScript on server side as well as on the client side. JavaScript’s growing use has changed the body of development today. As the same case Node.js is now becoming an important tool for many developers. Node.js uses Google’s V8 engine that efficiently utilizes the scalability and performance of the application, making it fast enough. It employs event driven programming, taking fast web servers. The non-blocking aspect of Node.js has benefitted the system applications that threaded multiple users by adopting callbacks to server completion and executing parallel commands.

Node.js has become highly preferable for web development aspects these days and the reason for its popularity amongst enterprises has been explained using the following points:-

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1) Real-time applications:-

It is an ideal platform for developing real time web applications like instant messaging services, chats, development of games or in the case where a large number of real time users need to be handled. It delicately manages intensive data traffic and prove to be very effective.?
Real-time applications

2) Asynchronous Design:-

Being completely asynchronous, has been one of the reasons for the growing popularity of Node.js as there is only one way of performing I/O. Its event-driven way is having tremendous implications on developers that focus on one I/O API.

This is the reason why it is much favorable to be used as it supports community fragmentation.

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3) Data streams:-

Just by taking advantage of the fact that HTTP response and request processes are nothing but streams, many amazing Node.js application features can be developed. Its examples include processing file uploads in real time, creating a server side proxy that incorporates collection of data from various sources and rendering services with varying response times.
Data streams

4) Its fast enough:-

Fast network applications can be created using Node.js as it uses JavaScript writing on both client and server side, also it uses V8 VM (in Google Chrome) which is an add-on.

The presence of event loop greatly aids to the handling of various requests simultaneously, as a single thread can be used to handle numerous services and the application uses less memory.

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5) JSON APIs and Single Page Applications:-

The combination of Node.js with JavaScript is a great platform for expressing web applications using JSON interface. As it manages multiple requests using a single threaded system, it proves to be a great match for single page applications. Therefore creating simple and usable JSON APIs is something where, Node.js performs exceptionally.

6) Incorporation by Enterprises & their growing Needs:-

Responsiveness, Streaming services and use of Dynamic sites is on a high note, users need data in the format they want in a quick real time. These demands can be fulfilled by using a new block that can efficiently use the existing & upgrading technologies and simultaneously perform data transfer to multiple clients.

This is where Node.js capture it all and is having a growing impact on the enterprises.

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7) Job Trends:-

Along with the increasing popularity, the attraction of developers towards it has also been growing. Google trends clearly depict that Node.js is achieving much attention in comparison to other popular technologies like Groovy and Ruby on Rails.

This can be justified by the fact that the well-known established companies like Microsoft, Linked in, Yahoo, EBay, Walmart and many others are investing in Node.js.

This is not something usual and proves that Node is here to continue.

Nodejs Job Trends

In a real time era, Node.js is a perfect fit for creating real time web applications. It fumbles with blocking operations but it was not created to deal with system scaling problems, rather it was designed to control the I/O scaling problems and it is doing quite well in that zone. So if you do not approach blocking and CPU extended operations, Node.js is going to be very useful for you in using fast real time apps. So if your application has performance and speed aspects, Node is there to deliver a lot. It can easily manage simultaneous connections, handle and push data in the way clients want. It cannot be avoided as it is really fast and is getting better day by day.

Are you also from one of those Node.js fans? You must have some concrete rationale to add to the list above. Let us know the same by posting in the comments section below.