Yes, you didn’t read the title wrong; there is now anime sites that let us watch anime online for free with no ads. That might sound unreal, but Zoro proves that nothing is impossible. Finally, we can stream anime for free without worries about data loss, identity theft, and corrupt networks. No ads mean no risk of viruses and malware. 

People often say “You get what you pay for” but everyone who has been on the Internet for a long knows that as long as we do enough research, we can save tons of money. And today we will help you save your hard-earned money by introducing to you, a free site whose quality is on the same par with that of paid streaming services.  With no payment or even registration needed, you can enjoy the site’s extensive content library, excellent streaming capabilities, as well as other outstanding features that we normally have to pay for. If you are paying every month for the hobby, it is time to spend the money on something else. If you are streaming anime at an ad-supported free site, stop putting your device at risk. Go to instead! 

What is is the new kid on the block as the site has been launched recently. Despite being a newbie, the site can beat any well-established free anime site in terms of quality. To create, the team behind the site has learnt from other sites’ mistakes, got rid of their downsides, and maintained all the great features. lets us stream thousands of subbed and dubbed anime shows in Ultra HD quality (1080p) without having to pay a single dime. If that doesn’t sound impressive to you yet, then is one of the few free anime sites that do not show ads or popups. The site is completely ad-free, meaning that it is free from viruses and malware, and you are free from data loss, identity theft, and a corrupted network. 

Is Safe?

Hackers have no chance to attack you at As the site doesn’t have any ads and popups, viruses and malware won’t be installed into your device. And with no registration required, your private information such as name, email address, and even credit card number is kept confidential. can be considered as the safest free anime site on the Internet. 

Is Using Legal?

Although is not considered a legal streaming site, using to watch free anime online is not technically illegal. According to copyright attorneys, only when we download or share pirated videos, might we face criminal or civil charges. Therefore, as long as you stay online watching anime on, you are safe. But if, for some reason, you need to download the content to watch offline later, we recommend you use a reliable VPN to stay anonymous. 

What Makes Us Believe Is The Best Anime Site

Anime fans have never been this lucky. Just years ago, we were extremely thrilled to learn that free anime sites existed. But at that time, most of the sites were not trustworthy. To make money fast, those sites were filled with malicious ads. It was the main reason many decided to opt for paid streaming services instead. The subscription was surely not cheap, but they simply didn’t want to put their device and identity at risk. If you happen to know someone like that, tell them things have changed. We now can watch free anime in Ultra HD quality with zero ads. And after doing extensive research, we can conclude that is the best anime site every anime fan should know about. To learn about the site in-depth, let’s take a look at these 10 reasons why is our favorite. 

1. Never-Ending Improvement

New anime sites come on the scene frequently, making the competition among free anime sites more and more fierce. A site can be a fan favorite today and attract no one the next day if it doesn’t fix the drawbacks that have been bugging its users. We are spoiled with choices, and it takes us less than 1 minute to find alternatives. Therefore, we should give credit to Zoro’s commitment to never stop improving its quality.  

2. Great Safety

Everyone deserves to stream anime online without worries. Most web ads are safe but we never know if we will be the next victim. Therefore, it is always better to stick with ad-free sites only. Streaming on Zoro guarantees your complete safety as the site doesn’t host any ads or require you to reveal any private information. Basically, there is no way hackers can attack you. 

3. Extensive Content Library is a new site but its content library is impressive. Actually, Zoro has one of the biggest collections among anime sites. You can find here almost any title of interest, from any genre such as action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, music, game, and many more. All titles come with subs and even dubs for your preference. 

4. High Resolution is the best site to watch anime online if you care about video quality. Here you can stream your favorite anime in Ultra HD quality (1080p), which is considered a privilege exclusive to paid users at many other sites. In case your Internet connection is not stable enough, you can adjust the video quality as low as 360p for a smoother streaming experience. 

5. Fast Updates

You don’t need to leave but can still catch up with whatever’s new in the anime world. The site updates its database constantly with the latest releases, new episodes, and requested titles. To check out all the new arrivals, simply visit the site’s homepage.

6. Seamless streaming Experience

Surprisingly, many big names in the streaming industry have quite a several drawbacks when it comes to streaming capabilities. Some sites are known for slow load times, some are filled with ads (like every 5 minutes), and some are not smooth at all. But has fixed all those problems to provide us with the most seamless streaming experience possible. You can rest assured your journey into the anime world will not be interrupted by any means. 

7. Minimal User Interface

People say don’t judge a book by its cover. But we can judge a site by its UI. Sites that make it easy for their users to navigate and browse through have a tendency to be optimized for our best overall experience. We come to anime sites merely to watch anime, not to learn how to use them. Therefore, sites with a complicated UI quickly lose our interest. But Zoro’s UI is simple and painless. If you know what you want to watch, go to the search box. If you prefer exploring the site’s content library, use the filter system or click on View Full Site for more suggestions.

8. High Device Compatibility is compatible with most devices, from smartphones to smart TV. As the site is mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported, you can stream anime smoothly on your phone or cast it on your big screen TV. Unfortunately, the Zoro app is not available to download yet, but your mobile user experience will be so superb that you won’t need to waste time and device memory on the app. 

9. Great Customer Service

This explains why the site is the best. We believe the Zoro team spent an enormous amount of time reading users’ reviews on other sites to know what we like and what we don’t like from them. The team then maintained all the good things and got rid of all the bad in an attempt to create the best site possible. At, they welcome all the feedback and work hard to respond to our inquiries. On their homepage, the Zoro team states that they are on active mode 24/7 to make sure all the broken links are fixed, all requested titles are updated, and all our reports/messages are listened to in a timely manner. With their hard work, we believe will never stop being the best. 

With the boom in anime sites, we are now spoiled with choices. But we all should choose wisely! Not many free anime sites are safe, and why waste time testing the water when you can simply go with the safest option: an ad-free site? There is literally no risk of streaming on And with other excellent features that the site owns, we believe it will be your next favorite site to watch free anime online! 

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