After a long day at work, all we need is hours of movies without any interruptions. No calls, no knocking on the door, no lagging, and ideally, no ads, there will be only us, the characters, in the world they live in. That type of entertainment normally costs us about $10 a month as normally only paid streaming services can offer the ad-free feature. Free sites need ads, that’s what we all know and understand, they need a source of income from somewhere, and in most cases, it’s from ads and popups. But things have changed wonderfully, now we have sites to watch movies online for free, with zero ads. Some new sites were born with that superb features, and some old sites, such as Fmovies, have also jumped on the bandwagon. Given that Fmovies has been successful in building their site for so long, it is now our best choice when the question “Where to watch movies online for free with no ads” arises. 

Fmovies – Free movie streaming site

Free entertainment is true entertainment in every sense of the word. $10 a month might be not so much but if you can get the same benefits from a free site, why waste it? With a huge database of over 20000 movies and 5000 TV shows, HD quality, excellent streaming capabilities, and no ads, Fmovies can be comparable to most paid streaming services. 

Fmovies is not an unfamiliar name. In fact, it is as popular as YIFY and 123movies. Fmovies comprises multiple sites with “fmovie” in their names. Although Fmovies can be banned in many countries, you can still watch free movies online there safely with a reliable VPN.

Is Using Fmovies Safe?

Free streaming sites sound shady as we are warned to proceed at our own risk. If you don’t feel safe streaming at ad-supported Fmovies sites, go for At, there are no ads and popups at all, meaning that there is no risk of us going to scam sites or getting attacked by viruses and malware. As doesn’t require any signup or registration, you are not expected to reveal any private information. To sum it up, is the best site to watch movies online for free without worries.  

Is Using Fmovies Legal?

Fmovies is not considered a legal streaming service as its content is pirated. However, streaming movies online on Fmovies is not technically illegal either according to copyright attorneys. As long as you do not download or share files, you won’t be subject to criminal or civil charges. Therefore, for your complete safety, you should either stick with online streaming only or use a reliable VPN to stay anonymous when downloading is needed. 

Excellent Features of Fmovie

Launched 5 years ago, Fmovies has steadily built up its success thanks to an extensive content library and tons of exciting and helpful features for its users. Fmovies has never stopped improving their quality. They have always worked hard to add new features as well as make adjustments.

1. Large Database of movies and shows

Fmovies is where you should head to when in search of a movie that is not easily found somewhere else. Fmovie boasts one of the biggest databases with over 20000 movies and 5000 TV shows. You can find here almost anything from the latest releases to the oldie-goldies, from mainstream titles to regional hidden gems. If you also love anime, Fmovies can be your one-stop site.  

2. Easy to use

With a minimal user interface, Fmovies is extremely easy for anyone, no matter how familiar they are with streaming sites, to navigate and browse through. While most free sites don’t care much about their looks, Fmovies is properly maintained and arranged. You can easily search for the movie of interest via the search button or use the site’s filter system to explore what the site has to offer. 

3. All types of genre

Not everyone is the same when it comes to their taste in movies. Some like rom-com movies while others prefer action-packed ones. But no matter what your favorite genre is, you can surely find something to watch on Fmovies. Fmovies divide their content library into over 25 popular entertainment genres, including action, thriller, horror, and more.

4. Content update every day

No one likes to wait, especially when our favorite movie/episode is released. If you are excited to watch it as soon as possible, keep refreshing Fmovies as it updates new releases the fastest.

5. HD movies and shows

Everything looks better in HD quality. Why settle for less when you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in 720p at Fmovies for free? High resolution will amplify your watching experience and make it more real.  

6. No Ads

Normally, ads and popups are rampant on free streaming sites. In order not to ruin the user experience, has come up with an ad-free feature. There are now completely no ads or pop-ups at Your streaming experience is now more seamless than ever. 

7. No account needed

Creating an account to watch movies is such a hassle. And a risk. Hackers might be able to use the information against you. But on, you are not required to make signup. You can simply visit the site for the movie/TV show of choice and leave as you please without any commitment.  

8. Bypass Geo-restrictions

Using a paid streaming service doesn’t guarantee that you can access more movies and TV shows. Sometimes, your movie of interest might be banned in your own country. But there is no such thing at You can watch any movie and show from all over the world on this site. 

9. Customer Support

It takes lots of time and effort to run a free streaming site. Therefore, we should give credit to sites with great customer support. They surely have to work harder to receive our feedback, request, and to solve our queries. Users truly come first at 

How to use

Fmovies’ user interface is optimized to make sure users can figure out how to use it within seconds. Your favorite movie or TV show is only a click away (if you click on the search box) or a few clicks if you search for it manually. 

If you want a more detailed guideline, follow this step by step to watch movies online for free on Fmovies:

Step 1: Visit the Fmovies website at, using either your PC or mobile.

Step 2: From the menu, choose genre/movies/ TV shows. If you already have a specific title in mind, go directly to the search bar and type the name in. Hit enter and the results will show up. 

Step 3: Click on the movie/TV show of choice to start watching it. Most movies and TV shows come with multiple subtitles. If a server doesn’t work, simply switch to an alternative one.

That’s it! Only 3 simple steps and your video is ready. Streaming on should be hassle-free and painless. 


To billions of people, watching movies and TV shows is the best thing to do in your spare time. But not everyone can afford monthly subscriptions to paid streaming services, or many would rather save up for something more important. Therefore, free streaming services can put an end to those headaches. Although Fmovies is not a legal site, it is still safe and reliable to use. Why pay when you can get premium-quality for free at 

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