Technology has developed a lot, and with each passing day, new technologies are being introduced in the market. One of the most trending technology nowadays is blockchain. One of the most popular cryptocurrencies; bitcoin, is also based on blockchain technology. You can visit the if you are interested in bitcoin trading. So, if you are planning to buy bitcoins, you need to learn about the technology it is based on it. There are several important aspects of blockchain technology, and some of them are listed below.

Storage system 

Blockchain is a type of database, but it is quite different from a traditional database, and one of the biggest differences is its storage structure. Blockchain stores data in numerous groups termed blocks. Each block has a lot of information, but the space in them is limited. So, when the one block is filled with information, it is linked with the previous block creating a chain of blocks, which is why it is known as the blockchain. It is a long chain of data in which new blocks are added regularly. The fundamental difference is that blockchain stores data in blocks, whereas simple database stores data in tables.

The data stored in the blockchain cannot be changed or reversed. Once a block is added, no changes can be made to it, which the primary reason blockchain is considered to be immensely safe. With each block, information is given about the time when it was added. It ensures a minimal chance of duplication as each block has its unique identity and cannot be duplicated.


The process of a blockchain transaction is quite different. With blockchain technology, when a new transaction is made, it is sent to numerous peer-to-peer computers in different parts of the world that are working on the same network. Then all those computers solve the complex mathematical equations, also termed as blocks, to ensure that the transaction is original. It is don’t to ensure the validity of the transaction, and once it is done, the transaction gets completed.

This process forms a block, and several such blocks are put together to create a chain, also called a blockchain. It is a chain of all the transactions made on the network, and it helps to keep a proper record of all the transactions and ensure that each one of them is unique and original. Once the verification process is completed, and the legitimacy of the transactions is proved, all of them are put together in blocks and added to the database forever.

Decentralized structure 

If we talk about the structure of blockchain technology, it is decentralized, just like bitcoin. Blockchain is basically a database that stores all the bitcoin transactions, but usually, a database refers to numerous computers under the same roof operated by people working for a certain organization or person, but the blockchain is different. Blockchain is a network of computers spread all over the world, and each computer has a different location and a different owner. There is no particular person or organization that has control over all those computers.

All these computers are termed as nodes, and they come together to form the bitcoin network. Each node has a set of data, and several of them are linked together to create the database. The benefit of it is that if any one node’s data gets lost or damaged, it can use the other nodes as a reference and recover the lost data or information. Even if anyone tries to tamper with the data, other nodes will verify it and fund out the error quickly.

Highly transparent 

Blockchain is a public ledger that allows everyone on the network to view the transactions added to it. It is entirely transparent make sit easier to the track all the bitcoin transaction, but no personal detail is associated with the transaction so you cannot find out the real identity of the user using the transaction records. It offers excellent security to the bitcoin users as even if a bitcoin exchange gets hacked and all the bitcoins get stolen. It would be easy to trace them as if they will be spent somewhere else, it will be shown in the blockchain, and one would be able to track them easily.

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