10 Tips for Boosting Your Twitter Presence and Credibility

I always keep thinking to myself, how long before the current popular social media networks are going to become obsolete, how long are people going to keep up with the same design, same list of features, the same content even. It just seems very unproductive to still be a daily member of these social networks, funnily enough — even the people behind these networks agree with that sentiment.

Surely Twitter will still be with us tomorrow, the week after and probably a year or two down the line as well, so it’s not gone entirely just yet. With that in mind, there is still hope and opportunity to generate new relationships, new clients and potential leads. As far as business is concerned, that’s what Twitter was built for.

Last year, Twitter effectively admitted that it needed third-party developers and apps to achieve its growth potential: the company had a developer conference and talked about how it wanted to work with outside entities to build things that would work with the API, including some new ventures aimed at turning Twitter into a single-login identity service and other initiatives collectively known as Fabric. — Source
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Twitter has said that it currently averages roughly 300million active monthly users, who send out roughly 500million tweets every single day. A staggering amount of activity and information, and as businesses want to expand their horizons, what exactly does it entail to become a good and credible Twitter user? Lets find out!

1. The First Impression

As wrong as it can often be, the first impression that we leave upon people from the design that we’ve given to our Twitter profiles is usually the one that determines the early judgement of who you are, and what kind of work you do. The photo you use, and the header design that you put on does have an impact, but more importantly — it’s also what you write in your Bio section. Let users know who you are in those 100ish characters.

2. Your Business Card

Twitter can and should be viewed as a digital business card, it offers so little yet so much. Treat your profile as an individual business entity for the digital world. Make sure that when people’s interest has sparked to explore you more, they know exactly what to do to get in touch with you.

3. Reach Out to Your Audience

Hashtags, lists, individual tweets, trending tweets, etc,. are all opportunities to find the people that you wish to connect with. Don’t make Twitter all about reaching out to everyone, best results are reached when you find the people that related with your ideas, business even.

4. Keep Your Word

Whatever you write in the Bio section of your profile, should reflect your ideas and tweets that you share. Always remember that unfollowing someone takes a lot less decision than to follow someone. Do your best to keep everyone happy, but most of all yourself.

5. Food or Work?

It can quickly get overwhelming to be a part of such a huge social network, quite often people fall for the “tweet everything I do” crap, and confuse business tweets with daily life. Treat your Twitter profile like a CV of yours, let the work that you do speak for itself. Keep the small talk elsewhere.

6. Keywords are Essential

Hashtags are big part of the social network, so try to use them as frequently as possible. Tag your own expertise, tag what you think will find interesting. On top of that, explore the tags that you use, connect with other like-minded individuals to exchange thoughts, and perhaps even business.

7. Everyone Succeeds

But not everyone talks about it. With that in mind, Twitter is not a place where to expose your successes, because more often than not — you keep the loses to yourself. Once again, make your actions speak for themselves, rather than imaginary numbers or experiences that others haven’t have had part in.

8. Positive over Negative

There’s so much negative stuff going on social media everyday, you don’t need to be another culprit of sharing things that you don’t like, annoy you, or don’t want to see in the world. Rather, focus on the exact opposites. Share the things you’re passionate about, let people connect with that passion. People love positivity!

9. Photo

Always use a headshot (unless you’re a branded business) of yourself, and try to smile as it helps to convey your personality more.

10. Share Other’s Stuff

The last tip to help you create the perfect Twitter stream/profile is to share things that other people share with their followers, show them that you’re truly interested in their content, engage them upon it…it’s such an easy and elegant way of generating more followers.