You can easily find cheap third-party controllers for your Xbox, Switch, PC, and PlayStation, but most of them are notorious for poor craftsmanship. That’s why we’ve selected the ten best video game controllers that are sure to enhance your gaming experience without breaking the bank or compromising on the build quality. Do you ever think about the amount of dirt your console harbors? Well, with the right console, you’ll only be thinking about your next gaming sessions and not the germs collected.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

First-party controllers usually rock a solid build quality, feel comfortable and perfectly handle the gameplay the way a controller should. However, it’s rare to see a first-party controller that feels as amazing as the Nintendo Switch Pro.

2. Scuf Prestige

PC and Xbox owners looking for gamepads that are comfortable to use, the Cuf Prestige is worth considering. The controller comes in a well-built housing, with a grippy underside and a matte black finish. Everything feels premium, and it packs a couple of features that separate it from its competitors. 

3. Scuf Infinity4PS Pro

Rocking a shape that feels quite familiar and comfortable in the hands of any PlayStation fan, the Scuf Infinity4PS Pro looks like the old DualShock silhouette but with improved battery life. You also get a couple of customizable paddles at the back for the fast-twitch performance. 

4. Sony DualSense Controller

While the elusive PlayStation 5 might be a mythical beast that most players have only heard of, those who’ve gotten their hands on one will want to buy the Sony DualSense Controller. The controller rocks a sleek and futuristic look, packed with features found nowhere else like three-dimensional rumble and custom tensioned trigger buttons. 

5. 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller

This SNES-style controller is the best option for players interested in retro play. Its functionality is unlike the PS4 controller, with the joysticks at the bottom and a directional pad. However, it feels very different, with a familiar flat profile presented by the classic SNES controller to make it perfect for retro games. 

6. Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft’s Xbox adaptive controller is built to offer a wide range of options to players who might not be able to use the traditional gamepads. This gamepad essentially deconstructs every input and lays them down in a manner that anyone can select a controller layout that works best for them. 

7. Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai

While most people grew up playing fighting games on the normal gamepad, serious video game fighters say that an arcade stick is a must-have in your arsenal. They’re quick, responsive, and support the fast-twitch performance required to get an edge in a competition. 

8. Nintendo Wiimote

While the Wiimote has proven to be a hit or a miss with gamers, it still has a massive impact on the industry. The gamepad has a welcoming design, with an infrared sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer, opening up motion gaming, unlike any other controller. 

9. Xbox Series Elite 2

Microsoft’s second try at creating a high-end gamepad tramples their first attempt, all thanks to a durable rechargeable battery, grip handles, and textured triggers. The manufacturer also corrected the annoying bumper issue present on their first elite controller, which was still a fantastic gameplay accessory.

10. Astro C40 TR4

While Sony has unveiled some legendary gaming consoles, they’ve never matched the Xbox Elite controller. As such, PS4 owners looking for a premium controller experience might want to turn to Cuf or the Astro C40 TR4. The C40 TR4 comes with a solid construction, nice-feeling buttons, and other pro-controller features. 

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