The Etiquette of Blogging - Helpfulness, Honesty, Kindness

Who are the bloggers? Are they zombies that have come from another planet to abduct us? I sure as hell hope not! Wait… Wouldn’t I have already kidnapped you if it was true? There is more to them, that we know…lets take a closer look.

The blogging communities all around the World share some really strong similarities, it’s something I personally would call The Golden Rules of Blogging, something along those lines anyway. While we do have the occasional bastard blaming everyone for his troubles, 95% of bloggers share the same etiquette. And why wouldn’t they? It works better than anything else out there.

The spammer will eventually need to graduate, it’s the only reason he is still a spammer.

I have a feeling that this post could really explode into much more than I intend it to be, but I don’t want to put a bunch of stereotypes together with a bunch of bloggers who do their job and do it good. This is a simply reflection of what I think is, the golden standard of blogging.

I understand that there are big boys with guns out there, but I am a unicorn – alright!

The Etiquette of Blogging

I guess you could call it The Golden Rules of Blogging, whichever you prefer. Are you able to relate to any of these blogger qualities I am going to talk about below? I would like to hear what you think about the global blogging community as a whole and how do you think it could be improved.


HelpfulWho are the helpful bloggers? The helpful bloggers are people who are interested and dedicated to helping you learn and understand matters they understand better than you, hence have more experience in them. It doesn’t mean that a new blogger who has just bought an apartment on your block isn’t going to move out eventually, to a bigger home.

It’s easy to spot the difference between a blogger who wants to help and who seems to be forced to help, possibly by his life situation or another factor you’re not aware of.

Happy to Help

  • Emphasis on Content Quality
  • Interacting With the Community
  • Answering Questions, Helping Solve Problems

Forced to Help

  • Emphasis on Advertising, Making Money
  • Interaction Level Next to Nothing
  • Avoiding Questions

Telling the difference is not hard at all.


The honest bloggers loves to tell the truth, share his story with the World and not care about what others might think of him. He knows, learning and hard work are the essential tools he need, to grow and mature his experience.

HonestyFor the average blogger, who is writing about specific topics – honesty isn’t a problem. Honesty is the one thing that actually can make a huge difference in how a post/opinion is perceived. We can try to hide behind others, use things that other have said – but nothing comes close to being honest and talking from your own personal experience.

When I was blogging for money, ‘honesty’ wasn’t on the list of things that should cross my mind, it’s almost as if I was deliberately putting it aside.

Who is the first blogger that comes to your mind when you think honesty? Is it you, yourself? For me? I think it’s Richard Branson, or at least he crossed my mind as the blogger who I trust and admire!


Now we know the personality traits of most bloggers, helpful and honest in what they do, understanding of the volume of audience they are able to reach from their blogs.

The last trait and possibly the one that most people value is kindness. The blogging industry looks at kindness slightly differently, and although in a positive way it can often be overwhelming for the blogger himself. The kindness or in other words the ability to give something valuable to people for free is not something everyone dares to do.

It’s understandable, because you have put so much work in creating something – you don’t feel obliged to give it away just like that. Some will try and get some social network likes/shares in order to give it back to the community, some will simply sell it for the original price they had agreed upon.

Neil Patel is one of the guys I admire a lot for the amount of effort he has put into giving back to his community. The amount of quality content he is giving to his readers goes beyond my word capability!

QuickSprout University

His Online Marketing University is the only guide you will ever need to master online marketing, everything else is going to be pure experience. All of the videos feature a full transcript, and that is what I call kindness and thoughtfulness.

Giving back to the community on such a large scale will require a bit of a budget, that’s true. I just wanted to feature one of my personal favorites. Small acts of kindness count just as much. Free eBooks that bloggers give away in return for you signing up on their email newsletter, it could have cost you up to $20 to buy it, if it was for sale. Yet, we all know, the content of that eBook is barely worth $5 :)

The Golden Bloggers

They are everywhere, we just need to give someone enough attention to realize that this blogger is a person and a human being just like you, trying to lay some marble on his path. My advice is to give him a chance and, of course, try not to make it too slippery for him.

They could end up being your best friends, or worst enemies.