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I was strangely inspired to this post title after trying to join some groups on LinkedIn, after checking only what seemed like 5 different groups I couldn’t help but notice the different types of options available. I mostly checked groups related to blogging, this is why the title and the information is going to be relevant.

I have given away most of the content already in the post title, but that is alright, I still would love to hear your own opinion and which of the three types you think you fall under? I will go with passion, as far this blog right here is concerned.

We visit somewhere around 5-10 blogs every day, at least the average internet user does. We gather these links from all over the place, social networks, emails, etc,. etc,. It’s not what I want to point out, although it sounds like a great idea for a post, where to gather good links, heh.

The point I want to outline is that any of these links we visit, we sort of automatically know and feel what the given blog is about. I would love to give you examples, but I don’t want to classify anyone as good or bad. To put a picture in your mind,

  • Good Blog: Content comes first, neatly organized sidebar, no instant popups
  • Bad Blog: Ads everywhere, instant popups asking for likes, barely noticeable sidebar content

We experience the same pattern all the time. What about the creative blogger you might ask? Well, he is too busy discovering the depths of the Universe to be bothered with a professional design.

I could already stop at this point, but I still want to go further.

Which Type of a Blogger are You?

I have been all of these types at one point in my career. Right now, I could say that I am operating within the passion and creative blogging type, but slowly igniting the money type for another project of mine. It’s all good, as there is plenty to learn. I like variety, as sticking with one thing tends to get boring quickly.

The Money Blogger

This guy is all ears when it comes to promoting a new product, or getting the latest insider statistics on newest product launches. He is eager to make tons of money in as quick manner as possible. The amount of people he has established connections with goes beyond the possibility to account for. This guy, he breathes money, he sees money, he simply is, money. Have you seen this guy?The Money Blogger

I remember being a strict money blogger, and while I couldn’t say it was a bad time in my life, it wasn’t even close as fulfilling as creative blogging would is. I was generating a great deal of income by doing something that required creating automated tools and playing around with content. It didn’t end because it wasn’t working anymore (it still works to this day, not as good however), I just couldn’t keep up with playing a silly game.

When you are a money blogger, all you care about is the end result, you constantly try to predict the results. Looking back at it now, it would be annoying to try and go the same route again.

I am blown away, shocked, by the amount of money bloggers who generate some really nice income every month, but don’t even bother putting that money back into their businesses. I guess it’s the part where they have to think is what stops them from doing so.

The Passionate Blogger

He is a knight, a learner and a scholar. The passionate blogger can be recognized from miles away, he brings confidence, expertise and energy in everything that he does. When you read the magical tales he has to share, you become hypnotized. All of a sudden you realize that you have been taken away on a tiny cloud, and the cloud goes by the name of attention.

I consider myself passionate. I have something that I like, and I continue to educate myself in that field, while never trying to put the word money after each sentence.

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The passionate bloggers are the most common ones, and we can only hope that it stays that way. You get the occasional self-acclaimed expert who has his jeans so tight up his rear end it makes my brains bleed to death, but that guy is also, very rare, we just need to remember that at any given time he could appear out of nowhere. It’s like the money blogger gave that guy a solid bribe and made him keep his mouth shut.

Bloggers who are willing to learn, test things and also establish communities around themselves are people you should be looking up to. Sometimes people don’t understand just how much work goes into following your calling and making things work. I do however agree with the fact that the hardest part is only the beginning, when you have to lay the cement and wait for it to mature, go hard.

We have to give the passionate bloggers credit they deserve. Not a single blog that has been created by this guy is going to disappoint you with popup advertising or force you to share content before you can read it, he had put time into arranging every piece of the design to its perfection. It was an investment of time, creativity and the power of will.

The Creative Blogger

His second name is “you are strange”, and he absolutely loves it. This guy, while completely out of this planet is most likely the most down to earth person you can have a conversation with. He knows how you feel, he gives you support and he never remembers he did it. What a champion!

I like creative blogging. When I started my blog over at I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew I need to share some stories and pour my heart out to people. It was one of the better decision in my life. I received thousands of clicks, and got to keep thousands of subscribers, who to this day – read and share my poetry and creative stories.The Creative Blogger

The creative bloggers are people who put their own voice in that what they do. Creative bloggers aren’t afraid of people saying they are crazy or don’t understand what they are talking about. It’s a lot of about how confident you are in your writing and ideas. Poetry can be understood by everyone, because very often you relate your own life story to the poem you are reading.

When dealing with large stories written by creative artists, you have to take into account that you might not fully understand what the author was trying to say, which then lets you engage this artist in a discussion like no other. Creative persons live through the spiritual souls and try to make the world a better place.

3 Types of Bloggers: Money, Passion, Creative

I didn’t want to link to any examples or really give out any links at all, I would much rather hear your own favorite bloggers, writers and creative artists that you find extremely positive and worth following.

These views are solely mine, my personal experiences and expression of what I believe is the standard in the current age of the internet. We will eventually rid ourselves from the naughty money bloggers who put too much attention to that word.