Facebook use to just be a way for individuals and friends to communicate across the world. It was a way for individuals to stock their friends to see what they were doing and when they were doing it. Not only do users still do this but Facebook’s aim in the last few years has turned into the business world as well. There are several ways for users to create crafty and amazing content to maximize its presence and get noticed on Facebook. Throughout this content we will describe 10 tips and tricks for making your business stand out from the rest and ways you can increase your following.

1. Keep It Short & Sweet-

Over time studies have shown that when you keep your posts under 100 words you are likely to see almost 30% more engagement. Users scan through the news feed quickly and your posts need to have something relevant to what they may be interested in. Take your time and craft some nifty content.

2. Tell the user what you want them to do with it-

By simply inviting your friends, subscribers, fans, and their friends you are able to obtain a large audience and get those social shares and likes that you need by creating a call to action phrase. Psychologically if users see things like “click like if you agree”
or “share if this has ever happened to you” The more shares and likes you get the more exposure you will receive while also exposing your post to more individual’s news feeds.

3. Write in the present state-

Present and relevant content is a must in the social media world. You are more likely to get 100s of shares writing about a topic that just happened, like a big house fire in your city rather then posting something about your child day after day.
catch eye

4. Catch the eye of the reader-

Its important for your photo or post to stand out from the rest. The best way to do this is by causing some sort of emotion in your viewers; laughing, crying or a “I wish I could do that”. If you cause an emotion, you cause people to think. In turn, they usually share, like or make a comment on the post based on their feelings.

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5. Its not always best to write in first person-

Generally if you write in first person you are trying to connect with individuals. However studies have shown that if you write in a way that sounds like it is coming from others it is more believable and psychologically it makes users think, “if others are doing this why shouldn’t I” or “if others are talking about it, why shouldn’t I”. This psychological affect plays a big roll in marketing. Ever heard the term used “going viral” this is what happens when users post videos, comments or pictures and they see 100s of 1000s of shares likes or posts. In turn they think “everyone else has seen or watched it, why shouldn’t I”

6. Talk about charity or a great cause-

People feel bad and want to help. Showing that you care about some great cause will show your users that you have a heart. It also makes you more trusting and show that you truly are a good person. Creating trust among your followers is huge for any business. It makes people put down their guard and they are more willing to buy your service or product.

7. Visual videos and their affects-

Why do big time brands always have commercials with popular celebrities? Because users want to be just like them. There isn’t one individual in the world who hasn’t said, “I wish I could be like them” (referring to some celebrity) This is why big brands use celebrities, to sell. People would much rather watch a video on instruction of how to put something together or how to do something rather then read instructions. It gives them both audio and visual perspectives to put the puzzle together.

8. Fill out a quality profile-

Be sure that your profile is quality and complete. Spend the time to make sure that it includes the following information:

  1. Website
  2. Email
  3. Working Hours & Address
  4. Comprehensive Description
  5. Phone number

From here its important to choose/design a suitable cover image and profile picture that specifies your business and makes a solid first impression as this is what users are going to see first.

9. Post diversified content-

Don’t continue to post the same content day in and day out. Diversify what it is you post. Study and get to know your audience so that you can grab their attention. It is reported by social media experts that the optimal number of posts in a day is 2-4. Don’t spam your audience otherwise they are likely to remove you from their news feed. (Who really likes seeing a person post pictures of their dogs or children multiple times a day. Or better yet don’t tell everyone about your problems or how you’re feeling multiple times a day). It’s also important that you are honest with your audience. The last thing you want to do is break trust with your clients. If you break trust you’re more likely to get a lot of negative comments then positive. Stay true to your followers and in return they will reward you by liking, sharing, tweeting or +1.

All in all, the more interaction you have on your Facebook pages the better. Take your time when making posts, think about your audience and what they might like to read or view. Most importantly take the time to thank users who like, comment or share things. People appreciate being acknowledged.  This gives you more social power as there are more likes, comments etc. on the particular post, giving it more exposure to the world.

Think about the things that go viral and why they do. Maybe your next video production, post or picture will go viral and you will be the talk of the town. Take each of these items and exploit them. In turn, your business will improve.