Ooma is a phone systems company that caters to businesses. If you mainly or solely operate as an e-commerce company, you may think that the majority of customers will reach out to you via a website, email address, or live chat feature. That may be true, but a lot depends on your target audience and how they prefer to communicate. In short, a reliable phone setup is essential for today’s e-commerce brands, and will likely remain as such for the foreseeable future. 

You Can Record Calls to Ensure High-Quality Interactions

Ooma offers two plans for small businesses, both of which have a full assortment of features. The Pro version of the Ooma Office plan provides call recording. You’ve probably ordered something online and needed to call the customer service department for assistance. After dialing the number, you may have heard a message that told you the business uses call recording for quality assurance purposes. 

Supervisors listen back to the database of calls and learn valuable insights, such as whether a customer service agent kept their cool under pressure and gave the proper responses when people asked about shipping charges. However, many companies go even further and apply analytics software to their recorded call records. For example, some products on the market can detect a person’s approximate age and their emotions from how they speak. 

No matter how you intend to utilize a call recording feature, the one offered from Ooma at least opens the possibilities. You can subscribe to the plan that includes the feature, then figure out the details later. At the very least, call recording helps you verify that any person who contacts your e-commerce business by phone gets consistently great service. 

You Can Add More Users When Needed

Ooma offers contract-free plans. Customers pay a flat rate per user depending on if they choose the Pro or standard Ooma Office plan. Operating a successful e-commerce company in today’s fast-paced world means being capable of scaling up as needed.

Choosing a contract-based phone service could lock you into a plan that makes scalability impossible, or at least very difficult. Ooma’s no-contract approach is sensible for growing e-commerce businesses or entities that hope to add new team members soon. 

You Can Get the System Running Without Technical Knowledge

Decision-makers at small enterprises weigh a variety of factors as they aim to choose the best phone system for business use. One of them relates to whether a person can set up the system without encountering major hassles. After all, many small businesses lack on-site technical experts to troubleshoot any problems that arise. Fortunately, the Ooma system works out of the box, and you should be able to get it operational in about 15 minutes. 

That means you spend less time setting up the phone system and more time figuring out the best approaches to help your e-commerce company remain competitive. The marketplace is challenging, but being aware of fluctuations and planning how your company should respond can bring resilience. 

You Can Keep Your Existing Number

When signing up for an Ooma business phone plan, you can keep your existing number. That could be crucial if your e-commerce business is well-established, or if you decided to get a vanity number to make it easier for customers to remember how to reach the company. 

Conversely, maybe you’d rather go with a new number. That’s fine too. No matter what you prefer, Ooma’s system will work with that choice. 

Having a reliable phone service associated with your e-commerce business could mean that your customers enjoy more peace of mind and give them another reason to decide you’re trustworthy. For these reasons and others not mentioned here, going with an Ooma plan for your e-commerce business could help the enterprise succeed both immediately and in the future. 

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