How Long Should Your Social Media Posts Be for Maximum Exposure

What would the internet be without social media? What would the World be without it, even? In the old days, every discussion on the web happened in the forum of an online community, or IRC for those who knew how to operate it, definitely — forums were a spectacular thing to be a part of, lively discussion on a single subject, everyone gets to be a part of something.

It’s sad, but these days — social media networks have made such discussion pretty much obsolete, not only because of the volume of content we have to deal with on regular basis, but also because people are no longer interested in sharing discussions and having opinions on things that once used to matter.

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Regardless, social media is still a powerful force and shouldn’t be abandoned completely, in fact — we should learn to adapt to the requirements of the new social media rules, and comply with them for the best possible result. Today, we’re taking a look at an recently released infographic by HubSpot team — which discussed the most important part of getting social media right — what is the optimal length of content that we should share on our social media channels?

Now, it does touch the subject of things such as the length of a blog post — but as we all know, that’s obsolete in our current times, content’s quality is determined by the value that it is able to give to the user, and how much the user himself thinks of the worth of the content that you’re offering.

Interesting fact however, that the blog headline should be as low as only 6 words — which means that rather than focusing on the You’s and I’s — one should focus on defining the content of the post in as efficient and simple manner as possible.

I think you’ll enjoy the value that this infographic has to offer, I’ve been able to pick up on some new things myself, and I think I’ll start implementing the right away. Let us know what you were able to get from this infographic, and how you plan to integrate it with your business.

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