How-To Create Successful Email Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]

Email marketing has been around before even blogs existed. The best way to display that story would be to go over at New Rainmaker and listen to the podcast that Brian Clark, and Robert Bruce have put together – explaining why marketing is the new media. It’s the most recent talk I’ve listen to – that touches the subject of email marketing ever so slightly.

You can check out my recent post about EDMdesigner, and of course my free marketing tools list, along with top email clients in 2013 infographic.

There isn’t really all that much to learn about sending good emails, at the end of the day – the content you’re sending out to your subscribers, is somehow (hopefully) going to reflect the style of your blog – where the subscriber originated from. I’m a newbie to email marketing, I have to admit – but I’m learning and I’m seeing quite a few things that repeat themselves.

The headline of the email probably being the one that stands out the most. I think that having a headline that defines something loud and clear is the only thing you need to understand about making email titles work for you. I’d rather click on cold hard truth, than on something that has been filtered through ten people to sound as pathetic as it could.

Test, and then test some more. One day, you should find the one thing that works best and stick to it. Email marketing is pretty huge, if you take into consideration all of the little things – like analytics, tracking, engagement, etc,.

I’ll leave you to the infographic, as it contains a lot of that information and tips for it.

10 Steps to Email Marketing Success

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