Are you harnessing the power of WhatsApp to promote your brand?

You might think that WhatsApp is just for staying in touch with family, organizing parties, and sharing funny memes with your friends. But WhatsApp is also a powerful tool for business—so much so that there’s a separate business-focused app for companies to use, WhatsApp Business.

With well over 2 billion users across the globe, WhatsApp is a hugely popular social media platform. 

The Benefits of Using WhatsApp To Promote Your Brand

WhatsApp can be a great way to:

  • Raise awareness of your brand. If your content, products, or services get shared on WhatsApp, your brand will get noticed by people who might never have come across it before. Even if they don’t instantly buy from you, they might well remember your brand—shifting them closer to becoming a customer.
  • Bring in new customers. WhatsApp might not be an obvious shopping destination, but it’s a place where friends and family often share links. You can use WhatsApp Business to create a catalog of products, which makes it really easy for families to share birthday present ideas, for instance.
  • Build a stronger connection with existing customers. If you offer the option of customer service through WhatsApp, you may find this encourages existing customers to buy more products or services from you. By being prompt and helpful in responding to customers, you help them feel more loyal to your brand.
  • Solve problems and prevent damage to your brand’s reputation. There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling where you see dozens or even hundreds of people attacking your brand online. By quickly resolving complaints, including through WhatsApp, you can turn a bad customer experience around and prevent any negative publicity.

How To Get Your Brand Noticed on WhatsApp: 4 Important Steps

Step 1. Fill Out Your Brand’s Business Profile

In your WhatsApp Business account, you can enter various details for your business, such as your business hours, address, phone number, and more. Make sure you fill these out as accurately as possible. Before bringing lots of attention to your brand, you want to make sure that your profile is fully up to date.

Optionally, you can also create a catalog of products/services using WhatsApp. While this doesn’t let people buy directly through WhatsApp, it does let them easily see and share your products and services—and message you to make a purchase.

Step 2. Make It Easy for WhatsApp Users To Share Your Website Content

Before you put lots of effort into getting your brand noticed on WhatsApp, make sure you’re giving your website visitors the opportunity to easily share your content through WhatsApp. This is a great way to get customers, prospects, and anyone at all interested in your brand to generate publicity for you!

The best way to make your content easy to share is to:

  1. Check that your website is mobile-friendly and that your content looks great on a mobile phone screen. The people sharing the link and those clicking on it are all highly likely to be using a mobile device. (Being mobile-friendly has a ton of other benefits, too—most importantly, that Google has been increasingly focusing on mobile-friendly content for years now.)
  2. Make it super-easy for your users to share using the ShareThis WhatsApp Button. It’s quick to install and customize, and you can add other social media or messaging share buttons too.

Step 3. Create a Simple WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

You don’t have to go all-out with a hugely complicated and expensive marketing campaign for your brand. Instead, it’s best to keep it simple—at least to start with.

Think about how and why you want your brand to be noticed. For instance, if your brand is aimed at parents of young children, you might want them to see you as a helpful and reliable way to solve problems. You could have a specific day when you encourage parents to send you their questions or struggles, with you on hand to reply with useful resources (which could well be a mix of your own content plus other people’s content that you’ve curated).

For inspiration as you come up with marketing campaign ideas, you might want to check out some of these WhatsApp marketing campaign examples.

Step 4. Stay Active on WhatsApp

If you want your brand to be noticed, it’s important to establish a strong and regular presence on WhatsApp. 

That doesn’t mean spamming every single one of your contacts with messages multiple times a day, but it does mean replying to customers and prospects quickly, being active in any business groups that you’ve started or that you belong to, and so on.

To make it easy to find time for WhatsApp, you can use desktop tools to make it quicker and easier to manage your account and reply to messages. It’s also well worth checking out general social media management tools, as saving time on other sites could free up more bandwidth for your WhatsApp marketing efforts.

Getting your brand noticed on WhatsApp might take time, or it could happen very suddenly with a piece of viral content. For most brands, a consistent effort will pay off. Make sure you’re available to answer customer questions as promptly as possible, and you’ll soon see new business coming in.

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