Today’s marketing world looks very different from the traditional marketing strategies of 30, 20, or even just 10 years ago. With technology on the rise, digital marketing has become more critical to businesses than ever before. 

The more you know about digital marketing and the agencies specializing in this area, the easier it will be to find the best digital marketing agency

That said, let’s dive into some details. 

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Digital marketing is a form of online promotion that keeps a business recognizable in its industry. An agency specializing in this sector can help do this through three different avenues:

  • Increasing online presence
  • Performing market research
  • Integrating online profiles and platforms

A digital marketing agency and its professionals have the education, experience, and know-how to meet these three goals. 

An agency will help companies achieve these goals through several different functions. Some digital marketing firms might provide all of these services, while others offer various packages and specialized approaches. 

Overall, you can expect to see at least some of the following services provided by a digital marketing partner agency: 

  • Web design
  • Content curation and optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile integration
  • Email marketing
  • Online ad placement
  • Web branding
  • Web optimization
  • Cross-platform marketing
  • App development

These functions and more can deliver a well-rounded digital marketing campaign to a business ‒ something essential in today’s online world. 

Identifying the Best Digital Marketing Agency 

Some companies and businesses prefer to do their digital marketing in-house. This process typically requires them to hire a digital marketing strategist or delegate these duties to internal professionals already on their team.

But for some companies ‒ especially smaller businesses ‒ it can be difficult to take on a full-time or even part-time digital marketing employee. 

That’s where a good digital marketing agency can come into play. 

So what do businesses need to look for to find a great agency? Keep reading to learn more. 


Word of mouth advertising might be old school, but it sure is effective. A company can make the most beautiful website and talk itself up, but when a firm hears from an actual client of that company, that’s when its leaders’ ears should perk up.

Digital marketing agencies work to get measurable, demonstrable results. Perhaps the best place to begin looking for the best digital marketing agency for specific business needs is through colleagues. 

Know anyone else in the business world? Ask them for their recommendations on marketing agencies. If they’ve given a company a rave review, it’s likely because that company did its job very well. 

If connecting with someone known to have used a digital marketing agency isn’t possible, a business can check out third-party reviews online. People on the web are notoriously honest!

Strong Online Presence

Digital marketing agencies should be experts in creating an online presence, so it only makes sense that their own business should have a robust online profile.

Here are a few things firms should look for to determine how great an online presence a company has:

  • Well-designed website
  • Staff social media profiles
  • Multiple social channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Search engine results
  • Responsiveness on social media

Every digital marketing strategy will look different, but checking out an agency’s digital presence will give a prospective client a pretty good idea of what a digital marketing partner can do for them. For example, a company that claims to be an expert in social media but doesn’t have any social media pages of its own should raise a red flag.


Business owners already understand the importance of transparency in any partnership, whether with clients, customers, or other businesses.

Transparency, openness, and honesty are hallmarks of a digital marketing agency that knows how to do its job and serve its clients with professionalism and expertise. Information such as upfront pricing, comprehensive lists of services, and honest answers to questions are good signs.

Be sure to have thorough conversations with an agency before signing any deals. Ask many questions and pay attention to how much information the digital marketing firm is willing to share. This information can include the agency’s ideas for digital marketing strategies for a client, details about the agency’s services, and actual results from other clients it serves.

If anything seems sketchy, run the other way. 


While there are undoubtedly great general digital marketing agencies available, it’s typically best for a business to find a firm specializing in online promotions in its field. For example, a company in the food and beverage industry shouldn’t hire an agency specializing in online marketing for clothing.

If a company has a specialization, that means that area is its focus. A focused and laser-like approach allows a digital marketing company to be an expert in that area and thoroughly know the channels, audiences, and strategies to follow for the best results.

Final Thoughts

Everyone and everything is online these days. IMD predicts that mobile communications are becoming the center of marketing. 

This means that for businesses to succeed in today’s increasingly online realm of reaching customers and clients, they need to have a solid digital marketing strategy. Working with the right agency can help any company accomplish that goal.

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