Getting a new inverter battery combo is a one-time investment. We purchase it thinking that it will be years before we need to buy a new inverter battery unit again. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you spend your money at the right place so that you can get the best possible quality and guarantee that your inverter battery unit won’t breakdown sooner than expected.

In this article, we will be looking at a few points that will help you find the ideal inverter battery combo for the right inverter price

Choose an Adequately Powered Combo

In the world of inverters and batteries; one size doesn’t fit all and there are considerations that you must have in your mind before you decide to invest in one. For this, first off you need to figure out how many electrical appliances are there at your place which would be requiring on auxiliary power source in the event of a power cut. Add up the power requirement of all of these appliances to get an estimate of how much power you would require to efficiently handle the load. 

Once you have that figured out, you need to choose an inverter and a battery combo with the requisite power to handle the load. If your household does not have many heavy-duty appliances to run, a 700-900 VA inverter with a 150 Ah battery would suffice. Anything more than that, and you would need a more powerful inverter and battery combo in case you have multiple air conditioners, geysers, pumps, etc. in your household. 

Choose the Adequate Technology

Once you have the power requirement figured out, you need to choose the type of technology that would be best in terms of quality, efficiency, and service life. If you want the best, then we would suggest that you go for a pure sinewave or square wave inverters, depending on your power requirement. And as far as the battery is concerned, you can choose between a tubular, gel, or flat plate battery;. If you want to run sophisticated appliances like Laptop, Printer or LED/LCD TV is is recommended to use Sine wave inverter, because these inverters’ output waveform is almost similar to the grid output waveform. For running only lighting-fan load square wave inverters can be used. For battery, choose the flat plate battery type if   you face frequent but short duration power-cuts. If you experience long duration power cuts, Tubular technology would be a good choice. GEL technoly offers maintenance performance from battery, however they are comparatively costlier than flat plate or Tubular plate battery.

Brand and Value Proposition 

The inverter price is directly proportional to a brand’s reputation and the overall value proposition that the inverter battery combo offers. Always choose a reliable brand that’s known to deliver consistent quality if you want maximum value proposition. An inverter battery manufactured by a good brand will always come with the best components inside and out; high-quality materials, and feature sets that you won’t be able to get if you opt for locally manufactured units. Therefore, if you want maximum value for your money, then never settle for anything less than the absolute best. 

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The inverter price is important, but never buy an inverter just because it costs less. You need to factor in other things as well if you want value. So, when it comes to choosing between price vs the value being offered, always choose value over price. That way you would have invested your money in the right place and got your money’s worth in the end!