Your expertise in the tech field can take you a long way up in your career but to achieve that you need to cross several stages. Possessing the required skills is not enough – you need to be able to effectively put down these skills on a resume as well.

Here are some tips on how you can write a flawless tech resume that can take you closer to your dream job by making your resume stand out among other average resumes:

Create a Master Tech Resume

Resume writing doesn’t need to be a hassle. All you need to do is tackle the process with an organized and professional approach.

Before you start drafting your Tech resume, create a master resume and use it as a folder to hold every detail of your professional experience, internship, education, certifications, awards or recognitions, personal information, etc.

The whole point of creating a master folder is to save you time and avoid the chances of missing out on any important detail that may be required while framing your resume.

Do not hesitate to add any details that you feel are not important at the moment because even if you may not need them while framing your current resume, having a source folder for all your professional information might come handy in case you have to make updates to your resume in the future.

Create a master resume before you start drafting your technical resume and see the difference it makes in your resume-writing experience. You can save time and avoid missing out on any important details that can enhance your resume.

Start with your Professional Experiences

Your professional experience section is one of the most important features in your resume. Create it effectively to communicate the details of your significant work experience to the recruiters.

Curate action-oriented accomplishment statements by Princeton University to make it easy for the recruiters to read and comprehend your professional experience statements.

The two important factors that can enhance your professional experience section are:

1. Framing Points

Get rid of any thought that makes you want to write paragraphs of your professional experience because the recruiters may lose interest in your resume by assuming your lengthy paragraph as a waste of time due to its bulky nature.

Instead, use bullet points to frame one-liner points that are clear for the recruiters to read.


  • Formulated effective backup & disaster recovery procedures and implemented 100% safe security features
  • Planned, configured and managed activities related to the existing data servers

2. Bucketing and Bolding

 A well organized professional experience section can help you communicate your skills to the recruiters impactfully.

All you have to do is create unique headings and list all the similarly framed one-liners under the relevant buckets. It can make it easier for you to organize your points and also highlight every aspect of your professional caliber.

Another factor that can enhance your professional statements is by bolding the highlights of your career for the recruiters to easily recognize your potential.


Database Operation

  • Formulated effective backup & disaster recovery procedures and implemented 100% safe security features
  • Planned, configured and managed activities related to the existing data servers

Frame an accurate Tech Profile Title

To climb the ladder of success, you need to reach different hierarchies in the course of your tech career.

Every level allows you to handle a specific job profile and you need to make the recruiters recognize the level of your professional status. This way they can get an insight into your potential as a tech professional.

Be careful not to exaggerate your profile title because that can pass off as deliberately lying to the recruiters and may jeopardize your job application.

You may have the complete package required for the targeted job profile and still lose the chance at being shortlisted. So, avoid such risks and stick to accurately framing your resume profile title.

Example: Write “Senior Tech” as your profile title only if you are a senior in your profession.

Highlight your Key Skills

As a tech professional, you are expected to have specific functional and technical skills.

It is not enough to simply be an expert at what you do because unless you are able to communicate your skills to the recruiters, they would not be able to recognize you as a suitable applicant.

The recruiters generally spend 6 seconds analyzing a resume and it depends on how you choose to make use of this opportunity and raise your chances of being shortlisted for your dream job.

First of all, use the keywords used by the recruiters in the job listing by scanning through the job description and picking the relevant skills that have been justified by your professional experience. Place them in your key skills section.

Doing so can make you rank high on the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) which gets you a step closer to your shortlist.

It will also make it easier for the recruiters to recognize your potential with just a glance.

Give an overview of your resume

Another feature that can make the recruiters recognize you as a brilliant tech professional is your resume summary or objective.

Compose a resume summary if you have extensive years of work experience to give the recruiters an insight into your achievements and contributions to an organization as a tech professional over the years.

An objective can be composed if you are a fresher or have lesser work experience or if you are looking for a change in your career. Try to sell your skills to the recruiters and make them recognize you as a suitable applicant with the required set of skills for the targeted job profile.

Try to write your resume summary or objective in 3-4 lines. This keeps the recruiter interested as they do not have the luxury of time to go through huge walls of text.

Provide only the required contact details

Ideally, your ‘Personal Information’ section only needs your contact details such as your contact number, email address and current address on resume.

Not every interview happens face-to-face, some recruiters may want to interview you over the phone or may simply just want to get a verbal confirmation for any official interaction. So you must provide your active contact number through which the recruiters can easily reach out to you.

Also, give out your official email address as it is a convenient means for the recruiters to get in touch with you.

Keep yourself updated with the hiring guidelines before giving out any details of your personal information.


With the end of our article on how to write a tech resume, here are some takeaways for you to keep in mind while framing your resume:

  • Always create a master resume and gather all the details of your professional information here.
  • Frame one-liner points and list them under relevant buckets as well as bold the highlights of your career.
  • Be specific with your profile title and avoid exaggerating it in any way.
  • Highlight your skills as a tech professional in your key skills section.
  • Compose a suitable resume summary or objective as required.
  • Provide your contact details as per the hiring guidelines of the targeted organization.