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In our previous article we discussed about increasing our sales, and how to avoid making the same mistakes that beginners make over and over again. In a little followup, I would like to mention a few easy steps you should put in place in order to increase sales for the popular affiliate marketing website: ClickBank.

ClickBank has established itself as one of the leading product sales sites in the world. It certainly has lived up to it’s reputation, but any decent affiliate marketer will tell you straight away – a lot of the products on ClickBank are below the average quality and have been blatantly created to generate money from sales. I’m sure it is not going to be a problem for you, as you are looking to make some money?

How-To Increase ClickBank Sales in 7 Easy Steps

I am going to assume that you already have an established ClickBank account and so I am skipping that step for our guide.

SEO Optimized Website
In order to promote products you need a website, sometimes multiple websites, but in this case just one. Your website should be specifically designed and curated only for the specific niche you are trying to sell a product in. Do not attempt to sell beauty products on a website that is designed for teaching people about nano particles.

The other half of the whole website thing is to have it search engine friendly. That includes all the basic stuff that you can find on Google Webmasters SEO page. You are going to drive traffic from other sources as well, but search engine traffic is just as important.

Solve a Problem
Start by thinking over some ideas and problems you feel you could help people solve. It can be anything, and it is up to you what is it that you feel comfortable selling and promoting with. The more aware you are of a problem you are trying to solve the easier it will be to stay on the right track.

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Trying to solve all problems at once create confusion, and trying to maximize earning potential for multiple problems at once is not a good habit either. Instead we need to focus on singularity.

Find the Product
We have a website, we have a problem we wish to solve. All we need to do now is find the perfect product, and what better place to do that than the ClickBank marketplace. On marketplace you will find thousands of products which you can sort by the amount of sales in the past month, or the amount it is selling for and what commission will you earn from being an affiliate.

It’s important that you spend some time going over the products you would like to promote and spend time researching how good of a quality products they are, how are people responding to them and how much popularity have they got overall. It’s easy to be blinded by statistics on the original product page, it’s where the product owner can put whatever he wants, often putting some fake statistics up to increase sales.

Create Content
We have gotten to the part where we have got a product we are ready to sell, all that is left is creating content that will be helping us sell it. This might seem like a tricky part for many, but believe me – it’s probably one of the easiest. Finding and coming up with content ideas has never been easier.

The only difference is going to be the amount of time and passion you are willing to invest in creating educational and compelling content that would make people buy your products instantly. Focus on the small details and try to figure out what kind of questions people would ask when buying a product, then answer them through articles.

Promote Content
Promoting is probably going to be the toughest part of all this step by step guide on how to increase ClickBank sales, simply because of the fact that for results to start appearing it is gonna take some time, no matter how much you try.

Here is a list of methods I would use to promote my newly formed content:

  • Social Media
  • Article Publishing
  • Guest Posting
  • Buying Ad Campaigns
  • Locally

Simple enough, and effective enough. Buying campaigns is going to require some investment, but if you are confident in your ability to sell something it might be a good investment. Go over some strategies before you commit and make sure you have a backup plan.

Local advertising can also be very effective, depending on the niche you are operating with. It’s all about helping people solve their problems.

Email Marketing
Another way, and very effective at that, of promoting content is email marketing. Email marketing is beautiful and profitable because people signup to your email list for a reason, you either promised them something or they love the content you are publishing and would love to hear more from where it came from.

Definitely implement a way for your visitors to subscribe to you through an email. In modern times it is a must have, and will make selling products much, much easier. I suggest using MailChimp as a beginner tool for creating email lists. The free plan offers amazing amount of email subscribers and the amount of emails you can send every month, enough to make some sales anyway.

Learn from Others
The last step to increasing sales on ClickBank is learning. The more you learn, the more you know. The more you know, the more you can create strategies and plan ahead. Apart from great resources here on CodeCondo, the web is full of professional affiliate marketers that aren’t shy to share their knowledge with others. Tap into this knowledge and put it to use. This post was clearly a definitive guide for beginners and intermediate users to start making some sales.

As always you are most welcome to share this post with your friends and join the discussion in the comment section below, I always appreciate user feedback and ideas!