Instagram is soon rolling out a new feature for existing and new users. Excited! What’s it? Long-form video-based stories. Yes, you’ll soon be able to share videos more than one-minute to almost an hour longer on your favorite social media platform. With almost 800 million active users, Instagram is in its golden phase of popularity, all because of the rich user interface and ease of use. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg himself reported that Instagram features, especially the story one, attract the most of daily active users. This article provides you with the information on posting Instagram Video Stories.

Uploading short videos on social channels is now on trend, that is getting a lot more popular than any time before. If you are a regular user of Instagram, you might be aware of the current video feature which is limited to just one-minute videos, thereby restricting the user to post lengthy videos. However, the recent report issued by the Wall Street Journal has surprised by Instagram users by announcing that Instagram will soon allow its users to post hour-long videos on the platform.

Instagram was founded in 2010, by the Stanford graduates Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, as a photo sharing social app. Designed for the iPhone users, it soon became a sensation. The ultimate photo filters it offered to transform the way a photo looked boosted its online success. Now, Instagram is supported by all iOS, Windows & Android devices.

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To further enhance its popularity, the new long-video support is believed to an interesting feature which will surely amaze the new users to create a profile and enjoy the long video stories. There are several other reports, like the one from the TechCrunch which is also announcing the Instagram’s new plan of adding a new section in its app for long-format videos, so as to compete its top-most rival Snapchat’s Discover. Before deciding to roll-out the new feature, Instagram has been secretly meeting with the content publishers and creators for the proposed feature and its potential.

Though the date of launch is June 20, it’s all tentative and can change anytime. There are rumors indicating that the videos will be in a vertical orientation and support 4K resolution. The main point of the long-term video is it’ll be taller than it is wide.

Meanwhile, Instagram users will get an option to continue watching to prolong the video viewing session. To make it easy to find the content or story uploaded by a user, their profile will display the video content in story highlight bubble. Moreover, only pre-recorded videos are allowed for upload without any option of image editing. Currently, the time limit for videos is 60 seconds in Instagram feeds or posts and 15 seconds in the Instagram Stories. The Wall Street Journal report claimed that the new video posting feature will allow users to post videos of up to 60 minutes in length. With this amazing feature, Instagram aims to attract more users which will simultaneously boost its success.

Since many social media platforms allow users to upload video statuses and even live videos, this is a small effort taken by Instagram to take over its competitors. Basically believed to be a photo sharing app, Instagram is no more just a photo sharing app now, instead, it’s on the way to become a long video sharing app soon. Though the company held several discussions with the content creators, it’s still not clear; the new time limit will only be applicable to the Snapchat-styled features. Instagram is working to extend the time limit to the non-broadcast clips.

Instagram provides support to advertisers by playing advertising videos. The long-video feature will be of great benefit to the brands, services, and advertisers who want to attract more loyal customers with a long story or moral telling advertisements. Also, playing advertisements over this extended platform owned by Facebook could help in monetizing the sizeable audience of this so called photo-sharing app.

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According to a recent report, Instagram boasts near around 800 million active users, out of which almost 500 million use this social media platform every day. With the rolling out of this new feature, Instagram will be the first in line to take on YouTube which is one of the most popular platforms among teenagers. Many tech savvy’s believe that Facebook is expanding its battle with YouTube and other services with the Instagram’s new extended video feature.

So, you all might be excited to upload long-video stories to your Instagram profile, so are we. Let’s wait until June 20, as most possibly the feature will be rolled out on this date or within this month. Get ready to capture your precious live moments in video format and stay in line to upload them to let your social circle watch what you are doing or how much fun you are having. Wait for the best!