Technology and information have brilliantly changed the world. It opened so many doors for so many things, for example, gaming. Gaming is now worldwide appreciated and enjoyed. 

The online platform has also aided the people who stream gaming on the online platform, and earn from it, overall building a whole new world for gaming. 

As gaming became popular, the gaming sector evolved for good. Progressively, other companies wanted to invest the ongoing in the gaming sector, resulting in a variety of games for the audience. Similarly, Krafton company, which built PUBG: battleground, made a deal with solon labs for a better long-term investment.

Before understanding the most outstanding agreement of both astounding companies, let’s first get to know about them in brief.  

Krafton Company

Krafton company established in South Korea, a company that operates in developing games. The company is subject to developing games, gaming consoles, mobile games, and other related things. 

Some of the most popular games of Krfaton are PUBG: Battlegrounds, PUBG: New state, Tera, Elyon, and much more. Krafton co not only wants domination in the gaming sector but also in the newly buzzed NFT and blockchain-based technologies. 

Krafton’s net worth is 8.74 million dollars making it an exceptional case in the gaming sector. The network score had made an impact on all the other gaming companies. Thus, Krafton is still making enormous changes to evolve into an even better company. 

Solan Labs

Solan labs are the most rapid blockchain in the world. It has a large ecosystem in crypto, with various projects spanning NFTs, Defi, and more. 

Solana ensures congruity between ecosystem projects by preserving a single globe system on a single scale.

Solana labs are fully efficient, with low cost, and also censorship defiant. It makes the application run effortlessly without any disturbance. And there is no problem related to the transaction. 

Solana labs are highly in demand for their quick work prospects and high technology ecosystem. Thus, many other companies want to acquire a partnership with Solana labs, including the Krafton company. 

What is the fuss about?

Nowadays, the popularity of cryptocurrency and investment is touching the skies. Similarly, with gaming, there are a lot of investments in both of these sectors. 

  • Krafton, which is famous for its video game development, announced a partnership with Solana labs that ensures the transport of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to their most popular battle royale game, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).
  • We have all witnessed how drastically the gaming sector has changed from Ace of cards to PUBG, and there has also been an evolution in investing in these companies. 
  • Crypto gaming and NFT gaming are said to be two different aspects of gaming, where crypto or blockchain is more focused on the money that is earned by cryptocurrencies and transactions with other players. In contrast, NFT is said to be used in games for certain actions, or it can be held for selling later. 
  • Solana is the most efficient blockchain around the world. It generates a secure channel that provides the developer’s assurance of the long haul without compromising their security or compatibility. As Solana is much more for the company, it makes them highly approachable. 
  • Krafton co and Solana are said to have a tranquil partnership that would ultimately help the operation and development of blockchain. 
  • Solana and Krafton co will collaborate in building, marketing, and designing blockchain games and other technologies related to it. 
  • The agreement showcased the commitment to reviving and accelerating new business it is also seen that the partnership will influence the web 3.0 and NFT business. However, Krafton co is an expert in game creation and operation that will enhance the game to the world’s liking. 
  • Thus, the news came out as a surprise to a lot other companies, like Seoul Auction Blue and XX Blue, investing and collaborating with the network that connects the NFT, Metaverse, and blockchain. And following the news of the agreement of Krafton co and Solana labs had also fueled the gaming sector to focus on investment in NFT gaming and blockchain-based technologies. 
  • It is reported that Krafton co has already invested $6.6 million in some of the Korean-based startups that deal with NFT to showcase the mild support to the operations. 
  • The lead of the Web 3.0 Roundtable at Krafton co, Hyungchul Park, said, “Krafton will continuously see ways to work closely with blockchain companies like Solana Labs to establish our Web 3.0 ecosystem. As one of the best global high-performance blockchains with strength in high speed and low fees, Solana represents the best of the Web 3.0 ecosystem and its technologies. As a result of this collaboration, Krafton will get the understanding to increase its investments and production of blockchain-based experiences.” 
  • He also mentioned that blockchain technologies are the new face in technology that can automatically help the information and tech sector. 
  • The mechanism of this agreement is to empower their own tailored web 3 experiences. Web 3 gaming technology I have done of the matter Krafton is very serious about. They want the type of revolution that can extract the attention of the streamer to the facilities Krafton will provide.  
  • The agreement of Krafton co and Solana includes a “Long term cooperative relationship for the development and operation of blockchain and NFT based games and services” that would initially help both companies. 
  • This also declares that both companies had agreed to establish joint business opportunities and investments. They are prioritizing their focus on blockchain gaming and technology. The main factor why Krafton chose Solana labs is their high-speed efficiency and low fees. 
  • The agreement’s main plan is to focus on reviving and accelerating more business opportunities for the company in 2022. It is also said to score for more business success. 
  • As Solana is said to be the company that decentralizes blockchain to build scalable, user-friendly applications. Krafton co requires these types of technologies that can create new revolutions in their company.
  • Head of games business development at Solana labs, Johnny lee, said, “We’re excited by Krafton’s commitment to building the future of gaming on Solana. Krafton is an established innovator in the games industry, and we are excited to be part of their next level-up. We are seeing gamers increasingly seek out on-chain games, and gaming companies who respond quickly to this demand will set themselves up well for ongoing success.”
  • It is very clear to the world that PUBG is one of the most downloaded games on the streaming platform, which has an active user base of ten million streamers. It has also been discovered that the active user is as many as 696,000 currently streaming in the year 2022 as the game comes under the second level in the genre of battle royale. 
  • The announcement is considered to be leaning towards the adoption of NFT, carrying it to the traditional gaming sector. However, it is remained a bit apprehensive, reflecting the idea of the recent backlash the technology has gotten. 
  • Solana labs provide a single globe state that provides the compatibility of processing more than ten contracts, which easily benefits the ongoing processing. 
  • From the press release, the South Korea-based Krafton admitted that the plans, including the Solana labs partnership, are to “develop and operation blockchain and NFT based games and services.” 
  • The partnership is a memorandum of understanding to ensure how Krafton can utilize its excellence and work with Solana labs that state that Krafton can easily withdraw from the deal with Solana labs without going through any legal repercussions. 
  • The NFT popularity is gaining its name progressively, it has made a fuss around the world and especially in the gaming sector. Considering this, the gaming NFTs can be sold on the newly formed NFT marketplace set to be launched by June 24. This can be very beneficial to the companies like Krafton co, which resulted in their recent partnership. 


According to reports, Krafton and Solana have formed a peaceful collaboration that will aid in the operation and development of blockchain.

Solana and Krafton will work together to develop, sell, and design blockchain games and other related technologies.

The arrangement demonstrated the companies’ commitment to revitalizing and driving new business, and it is expected that the alliance will have an impact on web 3.0 and NFT. Though Krafton co is an expert in game production and operation, the game will be improved to the world’s liking.

The NFT’s popularity is growing, causing a stir all around the world, particularly in the gaming industry. As a result, gaming NFTs will be able to be traded on the newly created NFT marketplace, which is planned to begin on June 24. This can be quite useful to companies like Krafton Co, which recently formed co-operation due to this.

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