Playing games online doesn’t mean you are always free of the hacker’s threat. During the intense gameplay, the hackers often attack your system and get sensitive information. Some of the games often require buying passes with credit cards and the users usually save their credit card information. If for any reason, the hackers gain access to a computer, you are going to lose all your details.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most popular games which you need to play online with an extreme level of caution. Let’s get into details.


You might be thinking that PUBG is a game developed for mobile devices. Though this is true, advanced users are using emulators in their windows PC and playing games to score better. While doing so, they often install third-party apps from unreliable sources. Usually, third-party applications from unreliable sources are full of bugs and hackers can easily exploit sensitive information. Unless you are certain that the application is extremely secured, you should never play PUBG on lines with unreliable emulators.

Choosing the emulator

Selecting the emulator for your device is a very challenging task. Based on your PC configuration, you should select a premium emulator. If you do some research, you will find a few professional emulators free of cost. While using the emulator, VPN for Windows is a must. Accessing the gaming server with your device connected to a VPN provides you with an added layer of security. Even if the hackers try to gain access to your device, they will have a very hard time as all the data will be encrypted.

Read dead online

The game “Red dead online” has gained huge popularity over the past years. The game has been developed by “Rockstars Games” and it gives the games are perfect vibe of the thug’s world. While playing these games online, the users often forget to ensure their basic safety. For instance, most hard-core gamers start spending small amounts of money to get the paid version of this game without considering the security issue. If you intend to play this game online via PC, we strongly recommend that you connect your PC with the VPN.

You might be thinking that playing such a heavy game with a VPN server will slow down the performance. In reality, using a premium VPN server will provide you better gaming experience as you will rarely face bandwidth throttling issues.

Counter-Strike: Global offensive

Almost every gamer knows about the famous game counter strike. If you are into the online gaming world, you know how fascinating the game is. While using playing this game, you can communicate with other players and even send private messages. By doing so, you are putting yourself at great risk since you never know the motive of the other plays. You might be playing the game with a hacker. 

To ensure your safety, you should never share your personal information. If possible, connect your PC via VPN so that the hackers will have a tough time tracking your locations. It might sound very complex but if you go for a premium VPN service provider, you are not going to face any critical issues.

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a very unique game and it is has owned the hearts of the new generation. While playing this game, the users get stuck into the game story and often make silly mistakes. Since this game is based on the online community, we strongly recommend that you stay anonymous while playing this game. Though most people use alias while playing such games but new gamers often rely on their real-life names. By doing so, they put their identity at great risk. Always remember, you never know whom you are playing in the virtual world. It is always wise to stay anonymous and cautious while playing such online games.

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